Virus fears, protections, and what else?

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As someone who gets to live in a more rural area, I don't envy the people who have to work in the bigger cities. A lot of people in my small area do travel into the major cities for work, every day. This virus, reguardless of the craziness behind it, sucks and is scary. I personally know and see many other pagans are not physically the healthiest (though I know the same can be said for almost all groups of people). I can't just sit by and hope my family doesn't get it, myself, my city. Trying to find the right balance of protection to my family and home, being physically healthier, being smarter about touching public items and washing hands, while also trying to send some good luck and energy towards what ever real cure/treatment will come out - hopefully sooner rather than later. And trying not to get too taxed at the same time lol - but thats a bit of a sacrifice I guess lol.

What about in time? As more cities in my state start being in emergency status, it's going to be impossible to not have anxiety about it at some point. All that just opens you up for sickness anyway. Maybe I just am too woried because I am someone with a compromised immune system as it is, but I also understand the reality of too many people and not enough help to go around. This is scary for really the whole planet if it gets too bad.

I just wonder if other people care enough to also do magick for at least protecting themselves? Like usual with things too widespread, I think going back to basics is the way to go. I'm just wondering if others feel similar.


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