Ancient Shark Teeth and… Pyramids? That was strange

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Yesterday my husband had a job in Nevada. They stopped for food heading back towards state line and my husband found a megladon tooth. It's not like any teeth I can find online, it's not shiny anymore. It's completely turned to stone, like petrified or something, but I can't find any other pics like it online. It's so damn old!! I can't hold it for very long because it pulses a lot which ends up making my hands tingle and twitch.

Didn't stay up and party with my husband, dragged my ass off the couch and into bed. Slept really hard and even slept in. I left the tooth in the living room. In my dream last night I remember being very happy.
When I first became aware I was somewhere else it was almost like I opened my eyes. I got a glimpse of two men infront of me pulling a longer wooden cart with wooden wheels into a stone doorway that was weird colored. It's daytime but the color of the stone is like a full moon is shining - just a different color, not as warm I guess. I'm pretty sure I'm in the cart based on how I see the wheels and men. Then I'm in a dark, small room, and I get spun around while still lying on my back. At the opposite end of the room I can see another doorway and it's glowing warm bright light (not like the full moon color). I try to sit up and see into the doorway as I kinda spin past it, but as soon as I try I'm flung back down and they started spinning me very fast, counterclockwise. I saw someone grab and pull, making me spin. Even though I slept on my side, I felt like I was lying on my back and spinning, like in the fair rides that stick you to the wall. At some point the spinning stopped and they started moving me through that other door way, but it was so bright I didn't get to see much, and then I woke up.

I feel like I saw green before going inside, like plants or a tree. And I'm not saying it was a pyramid lol, I just don't know how else to call it from what I saw. Also not saying the tooth made me have a weird dream, but I also don't dream much, which has been the case for many years. I'd like to find a place to put it while I sleep, see what else might happen. I really wish I could get help finding more info about this tooth, because I really can't find similar images.
That was so damn strange.


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