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I was born a natural witch and didn't know it till ten years ago. I accept all people just as they are,judgment is not in my catergory. I'm also bisexual and embrace LGBT. I'm a lover of nature,art,metal music and animals. I have experienced a great deal of hardship in my life. My childhood was overly sheltered and was bullied all my life for it. Grew up in a straight laced Christian household and raised in the church. I used to escape into the woods and play as a child,I loved it. That got me through being bullied,shelted by strict Christian household and being poor. I always knew there was something magickal about nature,but wasn't sure what it was at the time. I spent most of my life in the dark with secrets kept from me. No one wanted me to know who I was. I was only taught to follow proceedure and order,that was it. I spend my life searching for answers of who I am and what my calling in life is. 2009,I went to a presentation at my local library and reconnected me to Divine. Then I began studying Wicca,witchcraft and all sorts of metaphyisics. I work with angels,deities and faeries. I have casted spells,astral projected,teleported into many realms and even time traveled through deep meditation.


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