Hi Everyone

Hi, I'm Robingoodfellow. Practitioner of Green Witchcraft and Earth Warrior, seeker of mysteries and knowledge lost through the ages. Candle Magick is a specialty. Being a witch has been more of a destiny for me than an actual choice. I've come to find that my family has included a line of Sicilian strega and stregone going back many generations, although my family in general are mainly Catholic. Being raised Catholic I never found any real spirituality there that called to me. It was in the cathedral of the forest I found my true self, literally from the time I was a pre schooler.
And as an adult reading about Pagan traditions and witchcraft that I understood what I always was. the Coming Home feeling so many of us experience.

I'm always wanting to learn from those more learned than myself, and always willing to pass on whatever I can to novices.

Hope to get to know many of you here! We are living through Interesting Times and a pooling of knowledge can only help us to understand all that is happening around us.


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