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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site- but I've been a natural witch my whole life. Though, I've only just within the recent years started improving upon my skills and knowledge. I do all of my own spells and things like that by myself typically, but I'm not sure how to go about this situation magically- forgive me, it may or may not be a long read, but I'll try to explain the best I can- WARNING, PTSD-TRIGGERING AND GRAPHIC CONTENT!

Long story short, my partner and I had my oldest cousin move in around September of 2019 due to a need for financial help, as I left my job after a large mental breakdown. For my entire life, I've been protecting said cousin's image by not telling anyone except my very, very close friends growing up about the fact that this guy molested me from the time I was 4 until I was 11 years old. My partner knows this, and was convinced, just as I was, that I was over this and moved on and can coexist with this guy on a regular basis for the financial benefit of his being around. However, this guy, ever since moving in, has been violating our privacy, constantly keeping my partner on edge by deliberately pushing his buttons in a way that almost de-masculinizes him and makes him feel invalid and small, this guy sneaks very quietly around our house all the time deliberately and doesn't communicate anything to us at all, like where he's going, how long he'll be gone, etc., he's been just walking right into my bedroom while I'm getting changed or trying to have sex with my partner, and he's been disrespecting us to the ultimate level by leaving his penile secretions in our hand towels, towels, his clothing, and now MY clothing. And as you can understand, since I did go through that trauma for 7 years of my childhood, it does trigger things in me every single day, so I'm unable to get better and go back to work, as I keep being pushed back into the hole that I'm trying to climb out of. My partner and I have spoken to him about all of these things, but he's not only slightly slow in the brain, but is also slightly insane, so he doesn't care to listen to us at all. This guy is like a psychic vampire on top of everything that he's physically doing in our house. When he comes home, you can feel it in the air. The air in the whole apartment gets thick and hot and negative. When he's home and in his room, you can't help but feel like you're deliberately being evesdropped on, even when you haven't given him a reason to evesdrop. And you feel like something's following you around the house and watching you, like this big dark cluster of negative energy. And when he leaves the house, you can feel it too. It's like a big dark cloud has been lifted off the entire house and you can breathe and smile and feel everything except anger and sadness again.

(Just as an FYI I have come out to my mother and other relatives about it as of recently due to constantly being triggered by having to handle his secreted-into hand towels on a regular basis, as I am the one who does the cleaning and cooking, as I am the only one without a job now.)

We've warned him that he needs to get out of our house several times now for several different reasons, but the problem is that he's always been known to be a lunatic with his anger problems if you're not perfectly on his good side, so being a small woman with a small boyfriend and being younger than him and way more weak, I'm afraid to approach him and tell him to get out of my house.

So, I'm looking for any spells that will absolutely work to get this guy to find open opportunities to take to get out of my house so that I can almost avoid that situation, because as I've said, I've already dealt with that situation several times now. I don't have photographs of him, and I don't have any fancy herbs or anything like that yet. All I've got is candles, and one of each color of the rainbow at that, no repeats. So please, if anybody has been in a situation where they want to banish people from their lives who's always around you, and you've done a spell involving a seemingly impossible situation, but it worked, please help me out.

I'm seriously desperate at this point. My mental health literally counts on him being gone. I don't want to just cleanse the house with white sage or salt, I do that several times a week and it doesn't work entirely because he's still here, I want him OUT AND GONE.

Thank you to anyone who reaches out. Much love and positivity being sent your way.


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