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Hello, my mother is a witch so i guess i was born into this? Im new to everything so sorry if im wrong :). i do not know what 'type' of witch i am? I just know that i there is something different going on for me than others.

When i was younger i used to be adimant i could see ghosts and it got to the point i couldnt sleep in a room alone, my mam could 'sense' when i was feeling this way ane know when i was going to sleep in her room. I think i can feel spirits - sometimes i get an overwhelming feel that something is with me or i am not alone almost like i can feel there is an energy with me, i can sometimes also sense if people are good or bad, growing up my mam would date men and i would refuse to meet them and push them out of her life because i knew that they will do her no good even though i had not met them she then met a man who i thought is good and i 'allowed' him into our life. I sometimes have a feeling if something will happen for example, a few months ago we had an earthquake in the night and i became scared woke up just before it happened - i dont know if that was because i was sleeping and my precption of time was messed up but im pretty sure i woke up before , this happens a lot when im asleep i will suddenly wake up before something happens knowing it is going to happen. My mother can also sense when someone has died - she doesnt know who has died but knows that someone in our connections has.

i dont know if me and my mam are just a bit crazy or if there is something there.

Thank you all for the help and taking time to read this!


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