We have reached over 2000 members

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Tonight the 2000th person joined Witches Chat. That's a pretty good accomplishment for us! Anyway, just a quick update here regarding the site.
  • The font size has been made a bit larger in many places so it's easier to see.
  • Issues with the IRC chat room limiting the number of people that can chat has been solved, and services are back up.
  • The Awards system is working now, and Awards will be given once a week to best picture, best forum post, and other things.
  • More information has been added to the landing page to help search engines figure out what we're up to.
  • The issue with rating a post with 5 stars was looked at, but isn't yet solved. Hang in there and we'll fix it soon enough.
We're interested in any bugs folks run across. If you find some weird site behaviour, or straight up crashes, please send us a note about it. Thanks!



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