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Blessed be all!

Some of you have already noticed that there is section called LESSONS on our forums and there has been anticipation for them.

I am pleased to inform you all, that we are finally able to get lessons out for you all in couple of days. Lessons are free, but you can always donate to keep our website running ad-free :) Because our community has vast age span, we try to get each and everyone something new to learn and perhaps remind some of the basic things to those, whom have practiced for longer.

Another new section on forums is Cryptids and mythological creatures.

If you want to help us and willing to write us lessons, you can drop by on the chat room and enter the room called teachers lounge. It is new room dedicated on purely serious magick talk as well as be the channel for those willing to teach, to catch up and get information on about the lessons and how to submit lesson articles and more. There is only few things about becoming one of those, who teach. First is age, which for legal reasons and for responsibility reason have to be 18 or Older and we hope you've already practiced for couple of years.

Drop by also on our General chatroom to talk about everyday life and magick.

Blessed be.


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