it's that time of the year

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Hello all!

Wow this year has went by fast and what of year it has вееи!!! had massive makeover on December 1st, 2019. So that big day is approaching, and so is Yule and Christmas.

Because of my health issues, I will be taking bit time off and work on the background. They are investigating what is wrong with me, and whatever recent findings will affect my life more than having regular visits to the doctors office and to give few vials of blood on  regular intervals. I will try to pop in here and drop message once in a while, but otherwise its rest and lurking mode for me.

If we don't manage to get around before the time, I say this to you all.

Have amazing and blessed Yuletide, hopefully enjoyable holidays and Happy New year.

I know covid makes things hard for people, but we will pull through. Just don't lose your hope.


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