Copyright infringement, Awards, Google Maps API, and Scheduled Software Update, RFC

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  • Copyright infringement
I was contacted by a book publisher/printer and was told that some of the e-books that we have in The Slabs are copyrighted and in violation of copyright laws. I deleted about 25 books from The Slabs per request and all backups I keep of those books, including local backups (I use read-write CD's). If someone/anyone believes they have the rights to anything posted on Witches Chat, and they want it removed, please to contact me at Malatesa@Witches.Chat and I will delete that data everywhere. I personally downloaded that information from the internet where it is widely available and presented as copyright-free. I was not aware it was copyrighted. Oops, and let's move forward.
  • Awards
I've added Awards for a few content types. Once a week I'll try to get the vibe of the community to see what's hot and what's not, and give the award to the best of them according to the popular sentiment, and in lieu of that, whatever brings tears to my eyes gets the award. I've been working on code to display the awards on the left sidebar (for desktops) but it's hairy and uncouth, so I'm setting the awards display aside until I get better beer.
  • Google Maps
We have a most amazing technology that shows the general location of everyone. In the main menu, if you select Community and then World Map of Witches, you'll see a Google Map with a bunch of red place markers on it. Well, last week I deleted a Google email account and it broke the map. I registered a new account today and after 3 hours of fighting with the Google Maps API, we win; the World Map of Witches is back in action because it's important. If anyone does not want their (very approximate = 20 miles/kilometeres away) location shown on the map, you can turn the feature off in your profile. If you have questions, comment, concerns, or free beer, please let us know and I will do everything in my power to make it right by you/fix it.
  • Software Update
We will be doing a fairly minor software update on Thursday at some point. In other words, everything might explode and crash, however, RedGreyRaven and I will fix it if that happens. In the event that disaster strikes, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who single-handedly crashed the world's economy, suggests we all stop hugging, laughing, and loving each other until the danger has subsided.
  • RFC (Request for comments)
We haven't done this in a long time, but it's time. We would like to hear how you think the site is doing, and we'd very be interested in knowing what you think works and what doesn't work, on the site. By that I mean not only functionally, but…what's cool? What sucks? What's taking up too much screen real estate? What kicks ass?



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