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Ive been a wiccan for 23 years now and ive helped alot of people with spells, advice, divination, even helped those whome lost someone with my empathic clairsentience abilitys but when i loose my lil brother in a tragic accident one by the hand of our dad i loose everything i feel the goddess and god abandond me and i know this sounds stupid and way to hollywood but i feel like i cant no i know i cant perform anything anymore my readings are all weird and not making since and non of my spells seem to be working and i cant even since or feel my brothers spirit but when I go into certain areas I still get a little hints of energy as if like I can still send things there but it's not as strong as it used to be I can still feel something and yet I cant feel him. I pray to spirit to please let me see or hear him or something so i know hes ok but nothing!!!!! Im so lost


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