I accepted that i'm a Witch

Today is the first day I have allowed myself to be a witch all day long. Not just for the 5-10 minutes when I'm doing a spell, reading my tarot cards, or visualizing my future. It's almost comical that I spent 3 years learning about divination and casting and spells without ever thinking that I qualified as a witch. I have memories of being a witch during the Salem witch trials and the trauma of those times kept me from jumping into my craft full time. That has past and there is no denying who I am…A witch. I am using my gifts to be helpful to my life and the lives of my family and community. So here's the come out of the broom closet day. Come with me on a journey to learn everything I can about witchcraft and I chose to study Earth magic first. If anyone has tips and or tricks to learn from I am all ears. I am excited that my soul chose a path that is fun and exciting. It's filled with mystery and interactions with the spiritual side of life (my favorite side) its time to start being the boss I am and make things happen.

I will be working with the Greek Pantheon for help and guidance and I thank them in advance for their power and love.
Thank you source for this day


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