Mabon Celebration

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Hello and Blessings to all. This will be the first time I celebrate Mabon. I have created an oil to use for anointing candles and I have created a spray oil for removing any negative energy before the ritual begins. I am in the process of finishing off my ritual chants and toasts and blessings for those who have passed to the other side. I have items ready to be placed on the altar but want to know if there is anything wrong with setting the altar sooner? I am going to set up an altar that is specific to this celebration. My other issue is that we do not have a typical fall here in AZ so I don't get the pleasure of falling leaves and colors changing at this time. I bought a pack of artificial maple leaves and want to know if those can be used to write on and shred them (or burn them) and would that have the same affect as crushing them and releasing them to the wind? Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated. Thanks.


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