A Work In Progress For The Great Conjuntion

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The Great Conjunction

We must remember this day in December
When all the Planets and Stars will align
We will celebrate the day in a new kind of way
As we say praise to the great Goddess Divine.

We’ll dance and we’ll pray at the end of the day
As we ask her for love and clarity to provide
By the end of the night in the shining moonlight
We will find the power to heal the human divide.

So Brothers and Sisters I ask that you listen
Stay alert to all things hidden in plain sight
We prepare for this moment and set up the altar
We use our gifts to light up this night.

It’s not once in a lifetime but it not often happens
So we step to the beat of our own drum
We’ll come together in warm or cold weather
And we’ll imagine the times that will come.

Blessed Be.



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