2020 - The Year of Clarity

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For me this was going to be the year of clarity and truth. This was going to be the year that I find out who I am and discover the path I was going to follow. This would be the year we find out if we are all in this together, or if the divide would get deeper and pull us apart. These first five months have not been what I expected, but perhaps it is doing what was expected, bringing out the truth. Once again we show that in tragic times we come together and unite to accomplish great things, but it also brings to light that there is still so much to do. It shows that there is still a lot of hate dwelling just under the surface and there are people in power trying to bring it out and tear us apart. So I pray for kindness. I pray that we can all come together as one and show that nothing can break us. I pray that everyone sees that we are all equal and that no one is better than the other. I pray that we judge less and find compassion in our hearts for others around us that are struggling. I know that we cannot change everyone, but if an action from us can change the reaction of someone else, then maybe it will be enough to make a difference and cause more changes for the better. We are all children of the same Universe.

I ask all who will listen to hear my call
Our world is crying, we’re seeing it all
I reach out to all that my spirit can find
I pray as your neighbor, try to be kind
I call that we do this and we play our part
Let the light shine brightly inside your heart

Have a Blessed Day, stay safe and be well.


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