BREAKING NEWS! The Pope / Vatican has given Women Permission to talk

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Very exciting news if you're Catholic! Pope Francis has "granted" women to read scripture today! This, coming soon after he appointed the first male (duh!) African American cardinal. So, women, if you're Catholic, you can now read scripture in the church! As we all know, The Pope gets his direction straight from God, and so for the first time in thousands of years, God has given women permission to read stuff to parishioners (according to the Catholic understanding of God). Unfortunately, the edict also indicated women can never become deacons. Well, heck, at least ya'll have equality enough to read stuff to folks. But don't expect to be able to ever lead a congregation in prayer or perform a baptism! After all, you're a woman with obviously less clerical value than a man, according to The Vatican, and as such, you should not be given much authority to lead the flock. Never mind that you have maternal instincts, or that most Catholic prayers are to Mother Mary. Let's set that inconvenient truth aside for another thousand years.

Very exciting news if you're Wiccan! For the entire time Wicca has been a religion, women have had equal significance in the religion! This is obviously a sin in the eyes of the Christian God, according to the Catholic church. Sorry not sorry? The fundamental and early documents in Wicca direct that women, not men, should lead a coven. That's not to say that women are more important than men in Wicca! Don't misunderstand that! Wicca's spiritual focus of the path favors the malleable, the considerate, the understanding, the compassionate, and the inclusive. Men can do that stuff, too, but it is the nature of women to be caregivers and to nurture. You're not going to believe this, but, women give birth, not men! If I was on Facebook or Twitter, I'd get banned for saying this, but, women are equal to men. If I was Catholic, I'd be excommunicated.

Ah well. So what's your view of this breaking news? Pope Francis has given women the right to read biblical scripture to others. Is this going too far? Has the pope lost his mind? What's this world coming to?



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