If anyone is willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it.

I know I am a witch as to what kind I have no idea. What I do know is the things that I can do and what I’m attracted to. I have always been able to read vibes from people I can feel them before they are next to me. It’s an extremely intense feeling wether it be good or bad. Sometimes in big crowds it’s so overwhelming I have to go or I get so emotional I cry. It is completely out of my control. People I know tend to go to me to feel better or if someone I know is upset I can feel it so much that i sometimes it changes my mood but they tend to feel better which confuses me. Also I will have either a good or bad though of something random (usually unlikely to happen) and then I will think to myself don’t tell anyone for obvious reasons, but then it will happen. I am extremely extremely close to animals they tend to find me wherever I go and tend to be attracted to me naturally even wild animals. I have so many pets that have all found me or cane to me for whatever reason. (My husband now brings them home when he finds them too lol) I will give you a background of myself. I’m 26 I’m a wife and mom of three. I was born and raised in Central Louisiana and I am Cajun extremely Cajun. My family is all from South Louisiana and my family is dated back to the exiled French from Canada. I have had all of these weird things happening to me since I was a child. I love the woods I like nature I’m a Virgo actually I’m the last day of Virgo. The main reason I am writing all of this is because I need help I don’t know what kind of witch I am or how to hone in my abilities and I know I need to I feel it I can feel something is going to happen and I need to be prepared or even aware but I don’t know how to do so. Please anyone that is willing to help me please help. I am extremely desperate. 


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