Points of view.

Every single living being sees things from a different perspective. Perspective itself is one's individuality. I personally think those who follow a path of enlightenment or personal ascension should be role models for those around us. The Craft of the wise if you will. As people in general, we need to respect another perspective, even if we don't agree with it, and find out why they see the subject matter in the way they do. This is listening. There's more power in silence, then screaming. I suppose this has much to do with mastering and governing my emotions as this is crucial for true growth. But alas, this is my point of view. Much like I've been accused many years ago of being of the left hand path, to me magick is energy of intent. It's not white, grey, or black. As practitioners and followers of our chosen paths, arts, and even religions we should always be the ones to tread the higher road and put aside our differences and squabbles, which honestly we're better than that. I'd like to challenge everyone, the next time someone or something makes you angry, try to catch yourself and make the choice to be angry or to use that constructively or not even let it bother you because it's a waste of energy. As I stated earlier we all see things differently, learn from others and evaluate your perspectives. Blessed be brothers and sisters.


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