Enemies of the spiritual paths

Greetings and Merry meet, observing my time on this site, I've read many topics which were informative, insightful, and at times humorous. Admittedly, when I first began here I had a very closed heart, but I stayed because I continuously see pentacles in nature. Thus, with further Ado, we come to our first subject: negative thoughts. Thoughts are energy forms unto themselves, and when we entertain certain thoughts they either raise or lower our vibration. Vibration is a witches, shamans, sorcerer's, etc.. main power as we conduct rituals, spells, and various components of our paths, as we focus this energy. Fear, is uncertainty and causes us to either avoid, or evade a situation that needs to be dealt with before moving on. My counter agent for this is " I don't fail, I win or I learn, I win or I grow, I don't fail. "  Now fear isn't entirely bad as it's necessary to prevent us from personal harm, but should be controlled and mastered for our personal growth. Anger, and hate are another two best left alone. It's natural to experience these two, but we must be mindful not to let them control us, for the end result is always suffering. ( Master Yoda is so right). All these emotions lower and even hinder our vibrations, hence the adage " your thoughts can make, break, or even kill you ". This is most certainly true, successful people tend to have a higher vibration than others around them. Now, for some of the physical enemies. Fluoride, is a chemical we've heard is necessary for dental health. Dental health is important true, but fluoride is actually utilized to calcify the pineal gland, which in turn makes us more submissive and docile. Our governments don't want a society of ascended individuals for they become harder to control. Unfortunately, fluoride is in our drinking water and is in alot of our foods. This chemical is instantly attracted to the pineal gland much like a magnet, so beware of what you eat. Proper diet and life style is important to those on a spiritual path. Lack of sleep, is a time old enemy of the human race, and needs to be acknowledged. Stress, is another and goes hand in hand with fear, whether we want to admit it or not. At length, monitoring your thoughts, adequate sleep, a balanced diet, exercise, and meditation are key ways to raise our vibration. And there are others. I'm quite certain I may have missed other enemies out there but the one's mentioned above were the most prominent that came to mind. And I share this with everyone who reads this with an unconditional love, as we are all connected. Blessed be my brothers and sisters.


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