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 Hi, I am new here. I am new in all aspects really. I am a beginning witch. I've been reading and learning and collecting and gathering information on all of this withcy stuff. I started my journey about a year ago, but I've always had a connection with everything and have always been drawn to the more magical way of life since I was little. I've joined this group because I have no one else to talk to about all of this. My boyfriend is supportive but he doesn't really get it and he feels like he always has to be right about something so he doesn't really let me say my thoughts without him putting in his two sense. I still love him though. He means well. I just would love to have a community of friends who see things like I do, who can understand things like I do, and who won't judge my thoughts on everything I believe. I honestly would love to start my own coven near me because witchcraft is always better with a friend to share it with. I look forward to getting to know all of you amazing witches on here!


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