Okay so! I got some stuff from Hobby Lobby. Only 8 bucks! Got some incense because I didn't have any, and I got a little holder for it. I got a red candle and some little glass bottles as well!

Also, anyone have any suggestions on how I can bless a necklace?
Me and my friend saw a box of free stuff, and inside was a silver pentacle on a leather strip. I wear it all the time, and I have very bad social anxiety and also moodswings. I trust all of you, so I'll be honest, my mental state isn't the best. I've got a lotta stuff going on, but my craft is something that I feel helps me, and I keep a pouch full of Chakra crystals on me a lot, and the pouch is getting worn, so in case something happens I want to have something on my person that can help!

Thank you all, blessed be! <3


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