What is Personal Power?

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What is “Personal” Power?

All of us are on an individual journey. All of us gain knowledge and understand things with time. Knowledge is an accumulation of wisdom gained on our personal journey. You could say it is our reality or world view.
Most authors go on in some depth warning us not to use our personal power for miner things. But is that a correct way to express that idea?
I have had many successes over the years. I would like to explain 3 of them to illustrate my thought process.
 My first big success with magic was to get a job I wanted badly. I needed a good job and was qualified to do the job. I was new to Wicca and used several different but complimentary techniques. These included spells, incense, essential oil, casting a glamor, and ritual bath coupled with visualizations. This took 3 months, 3 interviews, and 3 long drives from my home to Phoenix, AZ (company regional headquarters). I got the job and it became a career.
My second big success was a ritual with my wife and children as a group. We needed a home of our own but, had no money down, bad credit, and weren’t qualified to get a loan from anywhere. I also used the same type of techniques that had been successful the first time. This time I was successful in 3 weeks. We got a home owner with a house for sale to sell it to us with no money down and an “owner carry” contract.
My most recent success was this year in late January. We needed to sell our farm for cash and find another house we could afford. We also needed the escrows to close on both properties (the farm and the new place) simultaneously. The odds are VERY long to do this. Approximately the same odds as throwing 9 dominoes from a cup and have them fall to form a perfect square with all the pips facing up. Using a simple spell and visualization of energy balls expanding out into the universe in concentric circles. I was successful in 1 week. The farm was listed and sold for cash in 48 hours to the first person who looked at it. We found a new house across the state for exactly what we wanted to pay and it had everything on our wish list.  Escrow was opened and closed simultaneously on both homes on the same day. We closed one escrow and picked up our cash in the morning then drove across the state and closed escrow on the new property in the afternoon. We moved in that night.
The only constants in these 3 workings were calling upon Goddess for Help, visualizations, and a strong belief and need. There were periods of inaction lasting years in some cases between each of these examples.
So, what is personal power? Is that what I used? Lastly, how can one even have “personal” power?
If we believe all things are connected and part of a greater whole, if this is so, how could an individual have power by themselves?
I think our understand of the craft evolves over time. Just because a lot of authors parrot the “group think” I am not so sure it is necessarily correct. I am of the opinion that there is personal understanding and the ability to harness or, “tap into” the power available, this doesn’t mean that I personally have power.
What am I missing here?
Your Thought?
Blessed Be All
GualOwl :quill: :quill: :quill:


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