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Hummm …. how to start this blog ?  My first blog ever, LOL

Well, let's try this.  Learning through research, my thoughts on the subject.

Why a blog on learning and research ?  We learn so much when we research a subject ourself.  And because I want to tell how I enjoy learning about new subjects by researching them.  It is fun and I get to see different version of a same subject.  Of course, I do so using the internet and when possible, actual real books or their pdf counterparts.  And like everybody else, I have a private life where children and life in general does not always allow me to do my research as extensively as I would like.  I think it is a good thing, being a perfectionist, I would spend years studying one single subject and still not be happy with the results.

So I have learned to put up information (that is true to the best of my knowledge) together in what I think is a simple format or at least a readable one.  I may hit the jackpot or maybe more research is needed.  Sometimes I share that information.  I can only hope it can help someone out there.  For some reason, I enjoy sharing the information with others.  It puts a smile on my face.

Blessing !


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