Defining the 3 levels of Magick……

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I have just posted in 3 forums, beginners, intermediate and advanced magick about this but sometimes the easiest way to get an answer is to simply ask others.

Here goes …….

Often enough, magick is divided in 3 levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.  But how do you define each ?  And what are the guidelines to follow.  For beginners, you can find a guideline on the internet on pretty much every witchcraft related website and groups.  But when it comes to intermediate and advanced, there is nothing.  As if talking about a possible study guideline for intermediate and advanced magick would result in damnation or something.

So I am wondering, what is intermediate and advanced magick and what kind of guideline would one follow to improve and advance their magickal workings ?

A very curious witch…….


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