calling empaths**

Hey everyone!
I am new and as i looked around a bit i havent came across anything for a group of empaths
(maybe i missed it)

I always have been an empath but i did not always know that there was a name for it. I always thought that everyone was like me, until I grew alittle older and starting doing more research . Then i found the name EMPATH and it all made sense! I know everyone has empathy but being an empath is slightly more intense. I am sure im not the only one who struggles with anxiety from being one. Trying to distinguish what my feelings are and what feelings i picked up on and did not let go.

I think it would be amazing to get a group together of empaths to share expierence, support and tips that could help us deal with it.

its an amazing gift but without the knowledge of how to deal with it and use it as a gift it becomes an emotional rollercoaster

Theres no right place to start so lets just dive in!


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