Rain magic.

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A little note on rain magic:

When to collect rainwater?
It has long been believed that rainwater has special magical properties. If you wash your face in the rain, wet the back of your head, lower back, heart and hands, it washes away the negative, helps healing. However, there are nuances

* Water collected from 6 to 7 o'clock in the morning, in addition to these properties, helps to attract good luck to work, gives new positive ideas.

* From 7 to 8-relieves headaches of unclear origin, washes away the effects of nightmares.

* From 8 to 9-gives cheerfulness, promotes the appearance of additional mental energy.

* From 9 to 10-soothes depression, sadness, melancholy, drives away evil thoughts and prevents bad actions.

* From 10 to 11-gives energy to the heart, awakens creativity, encourages active creative actions.

* From 11 to 12-helps to overcome stress and phobias (fears), harmonizes the soul and body.

* From 12 to 13-resists any evil eye, curse, damage, extinguishes the feeling of revenge, aggression.

* From 13 to 14-awakens the ability to clairvoyance, develops intuition.

* From 14 to 15-normalizes mental processes, relieves increased nervous excitability, calms the flesh.

* From 15 to 16-contributes to the emergence of "new" knowledge "out of nowhere", does not exclude prophecies.

* From 16 to 17 years-brings clarity to thinking, promotes reconciliation with their detractors, extinguishes aggression from enemies (in personal communication with them).

 * From 17 to 18 years-brings harmony to family relations, helps to find the right solution in a critical situation.


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