Baby Witch Pendulum Adventure

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Hi everyone! I’m a baby wicca. :) I’ve always had an interest in the practice, but about half a week ago I had this sudden energy to actually do something. I’m still closeted, however. I’ve spent so much of my time meditating and planting and just having so much fun! Today I’m making moon water that will be finished by tomorrow, and I also made my own pendulum. Something told me it felt right because after I did centering medication and picked it up, I felt a strong vibration. I asked a lot of questions, and then I also asked if it was Hades. The pendulum said yes. I’ve always felt a connection with Hades since I was a kid, and I’ve started noticing a lot of signs. I talked with him for a while, and he said he would be my friend- but I would have to do some research before working with him. He also asked me to create an altar for the first step. I feel so happy and relieved right now. After using the pendulum, I felt that this huge weight that I never knew I carried was lifted. I’m very happy. Hopefully some of you guys will read this blog post and give me feedback, or other ideas or information. :))


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