Journey to my Rebirthing ceremony

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Full Moon ritual Feast Left at the crossroads for Goddess Hekate. Ritual takes deep meditation to astroproject to meet an asended Master who walks you up the steps from the middle world. With Hekate as torchbearer -lampadios, Of The way or guide- Enodia, and keeper of the keys -Kledidoukhos Each step pieces of past abuses, wrongs those things that serve us no purpose today she'd like snake skin. The Asended masters take what's left , pure energy and form you back. Back to the day when you were Innocent and not fouled up by human mistreatment, when finished Hekate will take you threw the middle world back to where your body awaits the new you. It will be special the full moon for me and I didn't plan it like this it  will be a lilth moon and a eclipse. If you're into astrology I was born under a lilth full moon, in my 7th house aligned with Saturn. Great witches moon!  I'm planning on journaling the whole experience so I will share it with anyone who interested. For the next week while I do preparations I will share, my thoughts , fears feelings. What goes into the cleansing ritual. How I made my first Dark Goddess Anointing oil. I hope to share this with you so stay tuned…  Blessed Be 🗝️🗝️🗝️⭐ Asteria ⭐


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