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Well today I had a few things to finish for my ritual on the full moon I had to finish my scrying board and I had to make a strophallos and if you've ever made a strophalos they're hard to make its hecate's witches wheel.  I staid up for half the night. So pardon me for any grammar or and he weirdness I'm going to blame it on the lack of sleep. I started my dark goddess anointing oil a month ago you know I could have just bought it but I really wanted to have my energy in it because I thought you know I've got a lot of baggage that has to fall off I'm going to need some super strength anointing oil. I must say came out really good I had it under the full moon last month and made it with moon water and extra extra virgin olive oil like I said I have a lot of baggage so the more extra the Virgin the better. there are over ten herbs I think inside their If anybody wants a copy let me know. This is a very old recipe it was my great grandma Viola Beck  and there was lots of oil spots where the ink on the come off so you some of the ingredients were a little hard to read us witches when we can't do something we'll figure it out anyway it came out the most beautiful color of crimson I've ever ever seen I put two nice pieces of amethyst in the bottle and it is done with all of its straining and boiling and straining and boiling and it's just wow! but I'm so glad I did it myself it's feels really  good when you pop the cap and you smell it and you're like them well that smells so good and Hekate is going to just love it! I think any any goddess would love it. For those of you who don't know who Hekate is she is a Greek goddess ,she is a triple goddess she's known as one of the dark goddesses I think people when they hear dark Goddess get kind of weirded out but we all are made of light and dark I like to think I've gotten more light then dark in me. Though if you ask any of my ex-husband's they may tell you different. I think most of us have a little dark in all of us I don't think one could exist without the other and it doesn't mean that you're going to go out and do something terrible or make a spell or potion that's going to help you  make somebody's hair fall out, but I think you get my point.  Hekate dates back before Christianity there's writings on her in The Hometic Hymes which makes her older than the gods of Olympus  There are Witches studying Hekatean witchcraft now if I get this right and they go strictly by the ancient way. Which really has you doing more rituals in Greek than English I find doing them in both half English and half Greek my Greek need some work but what I am studying  is an applied modern Hekatean witchcraft .With Hecate there are a lot of practitioners that practice Hecate in Witchcraft and they are firmly rooted in the old traditions this particular modern version was created by Cindy Brannen a PhD psychologist who wrote her first book KEEPING HER KEYS it became a top seller. I think a lot of people had a calling to Hecate.  Hecate has been known to be a personal goddess that means she has no problem going to see you coming to see you in your dreams or in person or make you think you've lost your mind but there is definitely been an influx over the past year and I don't need to tell everybody how the past year or past few years have gone there's been a lot of problems. Basically I'm for making the world a better place a lot of practitioners of modern Hecate and witchcraft are what I would call the broken ones the ones that had those horrible childhood there you know not to say that you have to have a bad childhood to become a follower but it seems that most of us that have had spurtiual experiences have had a lot of issues whether it be in our love life are growing up at wasn't pleasant in many ways. And I think that's what's really attracted her to me and me to her. So how did I have my first experience or when did I finally get it through my thick skull that there was someone trying to get my attention on my 50th birthday I'm 53 now. I kept having weird dreams weird dreams I couldn't explain and I kept finding keys I know it sounds really weird but I'd be at Walmart in the parking lot and I'd find a set of keys I'd be at Ross Dress for Less you know changing my clothes trying something on and I find  one key so I started to look up keys on Google and I'll paranormal experience with keys what do Keys mean and up pops Hecate now the first thing you'll notice says that hecate's name is often spelled with a C or a k both are correct she has been known by many many many names a matter-of-fact over 250 different epitaph's another way of saying adjectives I guess in Greek. She's been known as the light of the way because she holds a torch to light the way for souls. The story goes Demeter was searching for her daughter Persephone and she asked Hecate to please help her daughter she would get lost in the dark and she feared Persephone would be lost forever so Hecate degreed and Goddard torches and walked Persephone into the underworld to go marry the Lucifer . Lucifer glad to have his bride Persephone back was very grateful to Hecate and he said Hecate could come and go in Hades as often as she liked this was something that no other god or goddess had ever been given. Hecate's torch that lighted the way for Persephone to find her way back to her family and then she has to go back to hades to be with Lucifer….well they were married. She is also known as the guardian of children in Greek it's k o u r o t r o p h o s . She's also been known as the world-soul ,mother of all  she is omnipresent omnipotent and all-powerful this is not that we should fear her or feel less than to her in any way. I think that would make her probably not very happy. I think the last thing she would want is for any of her followers to be frightened of her now Hecate is not just for women there are men who worship Hecate as well she's considered a personal goddess like I had said earlier because people have had experiences with her during rituals . November is considered hecate's month in the northern hemisphere where they have no sunlight for days and days and days for witches they interpret it there as holy darkness and a time for divine feminine to reclaim their position in lives of their choosing in society. Now that's statement doesn't mean that they're are a bunch of man haters I am married I have children I'm also reading another book entitled Witch by Lisa Lister and really what it's about is women taking their power back we all men and women have that spark inside of us but it's been snuffed out by all the patriarchal societies of our past so it's time for us to take back our bodies our minds our souls and I think that's why there's been such an upsurge in the amount of people turning to Wicca,, witchcraft ,satanism , other religions as well hence the point that I'm trying to make in the surge in people seeking becoming seekers of something else of another way shows us that there is going to be change we all know that the age of Aquarius 2020 is going to be a giant year for change it's already begun to be a giant year for change we have to help Gaia our mother our Earth and whatever religion or whatever craft it takes Gaia is hurting right now so that is why I went seeking and had decided not to let my past baggage, child abuse, my husband suicide in front of me and the kids at Christmas time these have been the core of my being and I don't want them to be the core of my being anymore so on the full moon on the 5th I am going to shed that and whatever else does not serve me well. When you hear that in Siberia they have temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. How can anybody look and say that something's not wrong what is Russia going to do now how are you going to scare people I'm going to send you to Siberia !!great hold on let me go grab my suntan oil and my shorts and I'll be right with you. . Joking aside that is a scary thought. so this is why I decided to blog my feelings my reasons for being who I am. But the person I would like to be or should I say the witch I would like to be .I come from a history of healers and I heal that that is what I'm supposed to do and I'm glad that I have found all of you even if you don't read this LOL what makes me excited is the power that all of us possess together and more and more people join everyday and not just this site other sites. But we want them to join this site what makes this site special is it is running on donations it is free there are so many quote witches on quote that are charging exuberant fees to learn about a particular craft.The way I see it if I was given a special gift just because someone couldn't afford it I would not turn my back on them and I hope it would be the same for me with someone else. If anyone is interested in reading about Hecate I would recommend KEEPING HER KEYS by Cindy Brennan , her second book TRUE MAGIIC review on it would be just excerpts from the first book keeping her keys but it's still a good read a guide to little deeper into certain subjects. THE BOOKS COINCIDE WITH COURSES THAT SHE HOLDS SO I THINK THAT'S PROBABLY WHY YOU NEED THE 2ND BOOK. THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS ON GODS AND GODDESSES BUN I WOULD RECOMMEND IS CALLED DARK GODDESSES it gives a very detailed history on each of the goddesses it discusses I believe they discuss five the author of that book is STEPHANIE WOODFIELD. . And lastly no matter what Journey or path you take you must read the book WITCH UNLEASHED UNTAMED UNAPOLOGETIC by Lisa Lister It's life-changing .I recommend getting it in audible so that way and you can have Lisa Lister read it to you and with her UK accent and her sense of humor it is just the best book I've read in a long time and it's full of a lot of good information and the reason a couple of spells inside of it okay well that was a long blog but I really wanted whoever decides to read this to know me. If no one reads it I'll make my husband read it. Blessed Be and merry meet again.
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