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We've reached 900 members! Thank you everyone for your efforts and being part of this community <3 Tell others more of us and let's grow beyond, bringing together witches all over the world <3 <3 <3Read more 0 comments

Site is back to normal

Hi all and apologies about the site going in berserker mode yesterday! This has now been fixed and site works as normal

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Hall of Help

We have new forum called: Hall of Help.
When you need magickal help or guide, or just opinio, this is a place for you to post.

If you need help otherwise, you can use the Room of Solace. :)

Blessed be all!

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Avatars fixed

Missing avatars has been now replaced. You can always add your own avatar by accessing your profile, then click edit and avatar. you can add picture from your oem device or use URL.

We had small glitch, which meant we didn't have all members showing on our members listing. This has been now fixed and we have, 800+ members <3Read more 0 comments

Over 700!

Wowza, we've reached 700 members!
We are very happy of this place growing in numbers <3

 Misding and changed avatars [
We are doing bit changes to the site, which included the randomly set avatars. You can easily set your own by clicking edit om your own profile page and choosing there the avatar tab :)Read more 0 comments

Chat Room changes

  • Posted 14th May 2020, 10:34 AM
  • By Malatesa

The old chat room is available at Sorcery.Net or by clicking on this link. Witches Chat has always used IRC Chat as the platform for group chat. To keep it active with advertising costs hundreds of dollars a month. Recently there was an issue, and during the dialog to resolve it, it was mentioned that "everything could change in a second." Later that night, someone mentioned a second chat room… Read more 10 comments

New milestone reached!

We have 600 members!
Let's grow more and spread the word of our wonderful community around!

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Hi guys and blessed be-late Beltane from my end too.

I have been on a hiatus mode a lot as of lare, my deepest apologies for thst. But I am back to add more resources and naturally to welcome all our new members with open arms and warm heart.

As malatesa pointed out not so long time ago, I needed help to get myself in better shape physically. I will still need a lot of rehabilitation, but each day has been better.
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Witches Chat Newsletter, Beltaine, 2020

  • Posted 1st May 2020, 3:43 PM
  • By Malatesa

Witches Chat Newsletter, Beltaine, 2020

Hello beautiful people! Do you realize we're already about one-third into the year? It's time to get ready for a few things!

Get ready for change!

As I mentioned in the prior newsletter, because of CORVID-19 we're going to experience changes that nobody could have predicted. There's going to be some political shifts that help the world heal, and some economic issues that test our faith.
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Witches Char Newsletter, April 16th, 2020

  • Posted 16th April 2020, 3:19 PM
  • By Malatesa

Witches Chat newsletter, April 16th, 2020

Hello and Merry Meet, beautiful people! It's been 2 weeks since the last newsletter, so it's about time for a new one.

General statistics

I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on how the Witches Chat ( https://Witches.Chat ) chat room and site are doing, as well as other news. We've recently gathered over 500 members to the site, and on average,… Read more 1 comment

Community Projects and Admin updates

Hello all, reminding you that we have currently two community projects running and you can as well recommend projects for us! :)
And the words from us, the admins:

The situation around us is new, in a way scary and really uncertain. it's hard to be positive all the time and we long for how things were before. maybe we close our minds and decide not to think what's going on, and that's perfectly fine.
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400 Members And Something Else Too!

Hi guys,

wow we have totally been having a rush past months. We've reached 400 members! This is im eyes of me and Malatesa very heartwarming and we hope you enjoy our site in the future too!… Read more 2 comments

Few words from Admins

We are all aware of the dire conditions around us and about all of the restrictions, orders… guidelines to act and try to protect those vulnerable and yet stay healthy ourselves.

We do also see, how the life we knew just few months ago had changed to something else. But what might comfort us, is that we are not alone in this situation and hopefully most of us try to do our best to adapt to the situation.
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Let's make a difference!

I want to discuss about serious issue, that is present all the time and that's called bullying.

Why about bullying?
I have been bullied most of the my life, like many of my friends. So I speak ftom personal experience as well. This site has zero tolerance about bullying as well as hate speech and discrimination. back to the subject..… Read more 3 comments

The value of Vassago

  • Posted 5th March 2020, 3:41 AM
  • By Malatesa

Some people believe Vassago, the chat room bot, is too annoying, and the information he provides is not worth keeping him around.
Some other people (well, honestly just me) believe Vassago is a valuable resounce.
We'll let you decide!
Should we keep Vassago and all of his resources, or should be delete him and his resources?

Take a moment to vote, please!
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New Rules

Hi all, I have done few changes there and there, but I also have few rules to remind you of.

Advertising your services on the forums, anywhere else than in the designated forum will lead to deletion of the entire post/topic and 24 hrs probation.

 Why? Because we receive multiple complaints how it annoys people to find interesting topic and only to find out its an advertising for services.

So please keep this in mind while posting anywhere on the website itself.
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Scheduled Maintenance

Hi all,

we will be having scheduled maintenance on 1st of March, between 1-3 am. Chat will work normally, and link to access wiill be prpvided.

Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause!

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Madness? This… Is… Sparta!

Sorry could not resist, but we have reached a new milestone…. 300 members! We are glad to have all of you here <3

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Too Many E-mails

Feel like your inbox is too full of notifications from this site?

You can easily turn off the e-mail notifications from your profile.

My Profiles - > Edit - > Notifications and take off all which you don't want notifications about.

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Password Reset Issues


some of you have had issues with the passwords. Here is few tips to help!

Password length min 8 characters,
use special marks, numbers and Capitalised and small letters.

Example: _P4s_s_1

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E-mail issues

Issues has been fixed, but why activation emails are slow on certain e-mail service providers is unknown. Always check your Spam/Junk mail folder too.

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New Members

  • Posted 23rd February 2020, 11:31 PM
  • By Malatesa

It looks like new members can't sign in to the site. I'm not sure why.. yet. I'm working on a solution right now. Please be patiant while I fix this. Read more 0 comments

Activation Emails and so on

Hello everyone!

You might have noticed that emails are slower than usual. This is actually not a bug, glitch or anything like that. The mailing system got slight upgrade and works slower than usual for a while.

FOR NEW MEMBERS JOINING: You will get your activation e-mail, but this will take bit longer than usual. Just wait for it :) It might take couple of hours, but you will be getting it. This is a… Read more 0 comments

Post Lengths

Blessed Be All!

Hopefully you are able to write longer posts starting now to the forums. More points you have, the longer post you can make!

Please keep me posted if there is an issue.

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Happy Birthday Malatesa!

We here at the want to wish you the very best birthday to date!

We love you and you are awesome, thanks for providing us this great site to get together!

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Spam E-mails

we've got few complaints regarding people spamming others. We will be monitoring the activity now more closely and find a way to get rid of spamming.

Mercury is in retrograde, weird stuff might occur!

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Issues Sending Private Messages

Hi guys!

We are aware of the said issue and we have update coming to fix it later this week. We are really sorry for it causing you guys annoyance, but fix is coming this week :)

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Free Theban Flash Cards

  • Posted 11th February 2020, 8:04 PM
  • By Malatesa

Theban is The Witches Alphabet. We have Free Theban Flash Cards available. They are a few inches tall and about an inch and a half wide, or so. They are free if you'd like a set. Theban Flash Cards can help you learn Theban, The Witches Alphabet. A lot of Witches write in Theban. If you'd like to learn how to read and write in Theban, these flash cards are a good start. Click here for more information. Read more 0 comments

Morning events

Hi all! I am bringong worth information on two things.

We have every morning so called "Coffee time". It's time for everyone, extremely those in nerd to come to our chat and drink coffee with us (not mandatory. I personally drink water or juice) and discuss well… topic is free :) Time is flexible, and you find more information from our forums, under roon of solace.… Read more 2 comments

Room of Solace

Hi all! We've opened a new forum called "Room of Solace". It's place designated for all of you having problems with life and wishing to get suggestions from other members of the site :)

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