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the market of beast???

  • Posted 3rd August 2020, 3:44 AM
  • By candy

hello fellow witches i have some questions my family keeps talking about the market of beast and that is you take it you'll go to hell. I personally am confused so i want to here witches opinions on it so if you heard of it can you please give me more info or tell me what you think of it.

thank you
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the market of beast???

  • Posted 3rd August 2020, 3:44 AM
  • By candy

hello fellow witches i have some questions my family keeps talking about the market of beast and that is you take it you'll go to hell. I personally am confused so i want to here witches opinions on it so if you heard of it can you please give me more info or tell me what you think of it.

thank you
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Theban Chat Room is working

  • Posted 1st August 2020, 2:29 AM
  • By Malatesa

The Theban Chat room is working again.

The Theban alphabet is a writing system, in particular a substitution cipher of the Latin alphabet used by early modern occultists and popular in the Wicca movement. Theban is used as a writing system, and it can be used as a substitute for the common ABCDEF Latin alphabet. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486–1535) included it in his De Occulta Philosophia,… Read more 0 comments

I will rulw witches chat

I am. Read more 1 comment

Breaking Century

A male witch pregnant; Memories are worth having, they are a sacred part of your being engulfing the innocence of the soul. “I NEED ALL MY MEMORIES” I’ve had to endure too much of what too many thought life meant preserving my strength and resources to be great value to this world, I have let sooo many troubling situations get out of way. This is quite hard to say, I watched my babies… Read more 0 comments

Baby Witches Hexing/Cursing the Moon

  • Posted 25th July 2020, 12:02 PM
  • By MikeTempe

Has anyone else heard or read about the story of baby witches on tik tok or witch tok putting a curse on the moon? I personally do not think that anyone would have the power or skill to attempt that, but the story made it to a news feed I go to. I think that if it were possible others would have attempted that throughout history. Has anyone ever been successful with such an attempt? Read more 6 comments

Software update

  • Posted 21st July 2020, 6:23 PM
  • By Malatesa

Did a site software update today. It broke a few things, but I'm working on fixing those. namely, the PaganRadio.Org player is missing because of a change in the return value of a script. Working on that.


So, I'm still working on the issue, but until I have a solid solution, the Pagan Radio Player will default to autoplay.
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Masks, masks and about wearing the masks

Hi everyone,
instead of posting this as news, I decided to make blog post out of it.
Let's talk a bit about subject called WEAR THE MASK
But first let's start with basics.

Definition of pandemic is a disease, usually new one, which spreads - often fast worldwide, infecting multiple people at once.

Worst well known pandemics include for example… Read more 15 comments

Migraine Magick?

Good Sunday everyone! I hope you are all well.
 I am currently suffering from ANOTHER Migraine. I have been getting them since I was a teen.
I wonder, has anyone found migraine relief with their Magick before?
As always, any tips you can share with this newborn baby witch are greatly appreciated 🙌 Read more 2 comments

Magickal Knowledge

  • Posted 10th July 2020, 10:46 PM
  • By Vallah

I have a real issue with traditions that limit information about Magick. Only teaching people that have been chosen or initiated or requiring a membership fee. I find this practice abhorrent.

Pagans of old held so much knowledge of plants and animals, of humanity and spirituality, of the earth and the stars, knowledge we barely scratch the surface of today. Stonehenge, while we can theorize what it was for, we don’t REALLY know, and yet our primitive ancestors built this wonder.
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School Tarot Reading

  • Posted 8th July 2020, 7:47 PM
  • By Danda

So recently I found a Twitch streamer by the name of Sarah Obscura she plays video games on Twitch, she also does Tarot readings for viewers, as well as she has a shop where she sells Tarot readings too. So I wanted to find out if I made the right choice to go back to school to become a Chef, and I bought one of her Tarot readings from her store, and yes my real name is used in the video. I am… Read more 2 comments

Information on a situation

Im looking for any and all links to books about creautures or any information i can find i have a house guest and im not quite sure what it is or if its harmful my feelings are mixed when its present it seems very young and childish in nature playful little trickster and i cant really see its true form for some reason i was thinking kitsune because i had a premonition dream a few weeks back about having a visitor and a strange bigger cat with an odd aura was on my fence so any and all guidance would be appreciated please and thank… Read more 1 comment

New here hi! Introduction time!

Hello im Duckie im 26 years old i have been practicing since i was 10 years old i only had a mentor for the first two months i was practicing and am still learning alot just got back into the mystical world i love so much last year i took a break for a while but this is my life and i love it so bear with me im sorry! Cant wait to meet new people and learn new things! Im an Empath and i love tarot and… Read more 1 comment

Astral Projection Newbie

  • Posted 6th July 2020, 8:52 AM
  • By Jailb.rd

Hello! I'm fairly new to witchcraft, as I've been practicing for about a year and a half, and have various tools that help me communicate and is used in divination.

But last night, I heard it was a full moon. I didnt do much because I didnt want my family looking at me weird or judging me, haha. But instead, I decided to try to astral project! I figured if I went in with good intentions and had a guide to help me along to ground myself once I finish, then there shouldnt be a… Read more 1 comment

Recurring dream

when I was younger I used to have recurring that in the day time when I went outside I would have to squint because the light would irritate my eyes so bad. Im 39 now and its happening just like that. Read more 2 comments


Had a brainstorm come over me awhile back, for samhain, to celebrate the sabbat the way they did those many years ago or as much as possible. Unfortunately for me thats as far as I got due to limited resources at the time. found it interesting to bring up if anyone wants to elaborate, or have themselves set one up. a touch of tradition can go a long way. Read more 2 comments

Full Moon is Approaching


 Connect to us at twitter! @ChatWitches


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Legitimate question regarding KARMA

Today I was on my way home (going the speed limit) from getting groceries when another vehicle swerved around me (at a very high speed) it actually scared me a bit. They raced through a yellow light and disappeared. Then about 2 miles down the road I saw them pulled over with the state trooper letting them have it. I couldn't help but feel good about seeing karma do her thing. Is this ok to feel this way or does it create negative vibes. I AM a newborn baby witch and this is a serious question. Thank… Read more 3 comments

New stuff :)

My first batch of herbs, oils and candles has arrived. I'm so excited. It's like my birthday. I tried out a white sage incense though and it made me very nauseous. It this normal? 🤔 Read more 5 comments


Hey im looking for a study buddy for Norse mythology, im currently working on my "BIG BOOK" and need help with this topic if you could please add me on discord that would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance

My discord add is starbaby318#8923

Blessed be
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I don't know about everyone on here,but I want the old MySpace back. I left Facebook because it's become a playground for politically correct a$$holes and a dictator demanding community standards. The new MySpace became a cheesy place of trashy celebrities. Read more 2 comments


Hi all, we are aware of this issue and trying to fix it as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Site works otherwise like it should.

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Why cats?

I never really been a cat person but long and behold I got a cat. My husband wanted a cat I wanted a dog we got a maincoon cat 🐯  and yes he has a lot of personality.

From strangling my husband to wake him up , throwing books at me, randomly getting used as a human scratching post we love him… Read more 2 comments

Telekinesis wiki post

So I am aware that some of us don't understand telekinesis and how it works or one does it. I can rotate small pieces of aluminum foil. I learned from a person but I decided to Google it and honestly this is almost exactly how I was taught telekinesis. It takes a lot of patience, focus, dedication, and a bit of time.… Read more 6 comments

Have things changed

So im re doing my BOS and I'm a bit confused….. A lot of documents I used before I can't find and the stuff I can find is not even close to what I dound when I first made my BOS.
Even tarot is different then how I was taught am I the only one who is having trouble?
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Long day

I have been working very hard on my projects,they're coming good. It's hard working in the heat and staying out of stores where it's air condioned due to Corona. Hope everyone stays safe,blessings <3  Read more 1 comment

I’m so tired

I just finished watching a game show and all the cheering I did made me exhausted 😆 Read more 1 comment

Calling Volunteers!

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Hey all!
Next full moon is approaching fast and here is the question on everyone's mind: will there be more tarot readings?… Read more 2 comments

calling empaths**

Hey everyone!
I am new and as i looked around a bit i havent came across anything for a group of empaths
(maybe i missed it)

I always have been an empath but i did not always know that there was a name for it. I always thought that everyone was like me, until I grew alittle older and starting doing more research . Then i found the name EMPATH and it all made sense! I know everyone has empathy but being an empath is slightly more intense. I… Read more 6 comments

Newbie Witch

Happy Sunday! My name is Jodie, and I am very new here. I've been using online sites to gain knowledge as I don't want to buy books etc that my parents/family might see. I even keep my crystals, Book of Shadows, and other little items hidden too. Any essential information anyone has for a begginer would be much appreciated. Read more 4 comments