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I want to understand my true witch calling

I need help to determine what kind of witch I am. Read more 1 comment

Site is back to normal

Hi all and apologies about the site going in berserker mode yesterday! This has now been fixed and site works as normal

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Idk how to sort this out or what energies to use for my life

  • Posted 22nd May 2020, 11:42 AM
  • By SF_Wilds

I try to plan my morning rit to help w/e negative energy might be going on, or that I would want to avoid. But nothing will ever make men not be disgusting, and I'm so tired of it.
I'm seriously struggling with men and male energy in general atm because some of the ones in my life or that have been in my life are vile. Had my worst PTSD episode in a while recently, and the general energy even before that was purely off.
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Hall of Help

We have new forum called: Hall of Help.
When you need magickal help or guide, or just opinio, this is a place for you to post.

If you need help otherwise, you can use the Room of Solace. :)

Blessed be all!

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Avatars fixed

Missing avatars has been now replaced. You can always add your own avatar by accessing your profile, then click edit and avatar. you can add picture from your oem device or use URL.

We had small glitch, which meant we didn't have all members showing on our members listing. This has been now fixed and we have, 800+ members <3Read more 0 comments

Over 700!

Wowza, we've reached 700 members!
We are very happy of this place growing in numbers <3

 Misding and changed avatars [
We are doing bit changes to the site, which included the randomly set avatars. You can easily set your own by clicking edit om your own profile page and choosing there the avatar tab :)Read more 0 comments

Three Fold Law

I learned the three fold law the hard way in March 2020. I was driving home from work late at night and a car sped to get into the lane I was in then immediately tried to turn right. Out of anger I flashed my brights at the car thinking they would continue their turn and I would continue on my journey home. The car I flashed slammed on the brakes and I was forced to swerve into the other lane where in passing I made eye contact with the other driver and shook my head.
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  • Posted 17th May 2020, 12:12 PM
  • By Işıl

Hi everyone! I’m new in here and I want to make friends. Because I haven’t got any friend who knows that I’m a witch. So, if you wanna be friends, we can talk anytime :) Read more 4 comments


  • Posted 17th May 2020, 10:41 AM
  • By Niamh.mcn

Hello, my mother is a witch so i guess i was born into this? Im new to everything so sorry if im wrong :). i do not know what 'type' of witch i am? I just know that i there is something different going on for me than others.… Read more 2 comments


Hey! I just joined this site, and I am a closeted witch. I don't have any friends of family who support witchcraft, but I would love to have someone to share my interests with! If any of you are looking for a friend, let me know! Read more 3 comments

Hi Everyone

My name is Sadee, I am new to this group! I’m still trying to figure all of this out, but really want to chat with new friends to learn more and for help! Please help!  Read more 4 comments

Chat Room changes

  • Posted 14th May 2020, 10:34 AM
  • By Malatesa

The old chat room is available at Sorcery.Net or by clicking on this link. Witches Chat has always used IRC Chat as the platform for group chat. To keep it active with advertising costs hundreds of dollars a month. Recently there was an issue, and during the dialog to resolve it, it was mentioned that "everything could change in a second." Later that night, someone mentioned a second chat room… Read more 10 comments

If anyone is willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it.

I know I am a witch as to what kind I have no idea. What I do know is the things that I can do and what I’m attracted to. I have always been able to read vibes from people I can feel them before they are next to me. It’s an extremely intense feeling wether it be good or bad. Sometimes in big crowds it’s so overwhelming I have to go or I get so emotional I cry. It is completely out of my control.
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What goes up Must come down... then Clarity?

I became the pagan white witch I always longed to be back in 2015. My bff and I created our own witch academy. Hitting the books, bouncing ideas off each other for our rituals plans, gathered all our ingredients and magick materials, planned weeks ahead, read tarot’s, made so many arts and crafts, organized, and set up an entire bedroom simply dedicated to our mission. To become the real deal witch’s….. I… Read more 4 comments

A Much Needed Deep Breath For Our Planet

I say this with great care because I'm well aware how many people around the world are suffering right now, both physically and financially. But I feel it needs to be said:
While covid-19 has been a catastrophe for humanity it's been a blessing for our Planet Earth.  With humanity hitting the pause button on itself the Earth is  a little cleaner, less polluted, quieter than it was just a few months… Read more 3 comments

Help Wanted

  • Posted 8th May 2020, 2:26 AM
  • By Malatesa

Hello beautiful people! We need your help!

Recently we have added a few areas on the site to help people add the following:

  • Magickal Spells, Incantations, and Charms
  • Crystals, Gems, and Minerals
  • Herbs and Spices
If you are interested in adding content to one or more of these databases, please contact me to learn about financial compensation. Read more 4 comments

Baby Witch Pendulum Adventure

Hi everyone! I’m a baby wicca. :) I’ve always had an interest in the practice, but about half a week ago I had this sudden energy to actually do something. I’m still closeted, however. I’ve spent so much of my time meditating and planting and just having so much fun! Today I’m making moon water that will be finished by tomorrow, and I also made my own pendulum. Something told me it… Read more 3 comments

New milestone reached!

We have 600 members!
Let's grow more and spread the word of our wonderful community around!

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Hi guys and blessed be-late Beltane from my end too.

I have been on a hiatus mode a lot as of lare, my deepest apologies for thst. But I am back to add more resources and naturally to welcome all our new members with open arms and warm heart.

As malatesa pointed out not so long time ago, I needed help to get myself in better shape physically. I will still need a lot of rehabilitation, but each day has been better.
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in need of help!

So my friend and i are pretty new to all of this. my friend tried to use a spell on a boy so he would stop loving her, but now she always feels like shes being watched and has many things in her room with her.  I was wondering if anyone could explain or help us figure out why this happened and how we can fix it? thank you! Read more 3 comments

Witches Chat Newsletter, Beltaine, 2020

  • Posted 1st May 2020, 3:43 PM
  • By Malatesa

Witches Chat Newsletter, Beltaine, 2020

Hello beautiful people! Do you realize we're already about one-third into the year? It's time to get ready for a few things!

Get ready for change!

As I mentioned in the prior newsletter, because of CORVID-19 we're going to experience changes that nobody could have predicted. There's going to be some political shifts that help the world heal, and some economic issues that test our faith.
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Could anybody help me?.

  • Posted 1st May 2020, 12:09 PM
  • By Tanya20

Hello …
 I’ve been drawing stars and having visions from 9 years old … I have books upon books of drawings of stars… with the occasional eye in which I’ve drawn over the years. I learned to live with it but my visions are getting stronger even a little mixed up. 
I was at work a few months ago where a customer who I’ve never met but have a feeling I have known here came to me and told me to start focusing on what I’ve been experiencing. I… Read more 2 comments

Rain magic.

  • Posted 1st May 2020, 1:23 AM
  • By cicomio

A little note on rain magic:

When to collect rainwater?
It has long been believed that rainwater has special magical properties. If you wash your face in the rain, wet the back of your head, lower back, heart and hands, it washes away the negative, helps healing. However, there are nuances
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Looking for friends!

  • Posted 28th April 2020, 6:04 AM
  • By cicomio

Hi !
I just recently registered here,so I want to find some friends! c:

If you don't mind to start communicating then write to me! I'll be waiting.
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Please Help Me!!

  • Posted 22nd April 2020, 8:52 AM
  • By violett15

Hello Everyone. I am currently a student working on my senior project on modern Wicca and Witchcraft. If anyone would be willing to answer a few questions for me that would be wonderful and extremely helpful. I am also a baby witch and would appreciate any advice or knowledge anyone would have to share. Thank You all! Read more 6 comments

Hi Everyone

Hi, I'm Robingoodfellow. Practitioner of Green Witchcraft and Earth Warrior, seeker of mysteries and knowledge lost through the ages. Candle Magick is a specialty. Being a witch has been more of a destiny for me than an actual choice. I've come to find that my family has included a line of Sicilian strega and stregone going back many generations, although my family in general are mainly Catholic.
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Witches Char Newsletter, April 16th, 2020

  • Posted 16th April 2020, 3:19 PM
  • By Malatesa

Witches Chat newsletter, April 16th, 2020

Hello and Merry Meet, beautiful people! It's been 2 weeks since the last newsletter, so it's about time for a new one.

General statistics

I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on how the Witches Chat ( https://Witches.Chat ) chat room and site are doing, as well as other news. We've recently gathered over 500 members to the site, and on average,… Read more 1 comment

Please Help

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site- but I've been a natural witch my whole life. Though, I've only just within the recent years started improving upon my skills and knowledge. I do all of my own spells and things like that by myself typically, but I'm not sure how to go about this situation magically- forgive me, it may or may not be a long read, but I'll try to explain the best I can- WARNING, PTSD-TRIGGERING AND GRAPHIC CONTENT!Read more 2 comments

Help :)

Hi my name is Chai and i guess i am what you call, a baby witch? I'm fairly new to everything i have already learned some do's and do nots i already know which craft i am interested in which is green witchcraft. I just don't really know where to start…i would love some help. Read more 1 comment

What to do?

  • Posted 9th April 2020, 4:40 PM
  • By Aryjm18

Hello Sisters and Brothers. I need help. Sorry for the long post Im just not sure what to do.
Growing up I was in a cult. I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness. Now there are still a lot of people that I love and care about that are still suck in the religion. Recently my best friends sister who is still in the religion had her boyfriend break up with her so that he could leave the religion. Both my… Read more 2 comments