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has 3 hands

when people have their hands full and overloaded. i can ask them if they need 3 hands and show them mine. they always put something in 1

Twin Flame?

  • Posted 30th November 2020, 8:10 PM
  • By Resuecrof

I've had a crazy experience this year and I was curious if anyone else knows about twin flame or has experienced it please I would like to know

update<3 <3  :22  :wub:

hello, fellow witches I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!
This is an update to my last post talking about my ex.
(also i think a lot of you got confused my ex didn't sleep around, My Boyfriend was the one who said remarks about sleeping around with my bestfriend)

So, as you know I had a problem where I didn't know if I should continue manifesting my ex-lover and break up…

i has gave 1 pentacles away. 60 to go

im gunna stick myself down to 13…means who wants 50? fitty

it's almost tomorrow

Less than hour,
 not the witching hour
Betwixt today and tomorrow
 less than an hour

gotcha gotcha gotcha for another, hour
 gotcha gotcha gotcha for this hour
what happens next hour, you know bettwer than me
 what happened last hour, we all know
where you were
 found you less than hour unless it was more
found you less'n hour
 from your favorite ghost
found you less'n hour
 from your next host

go somewhere…

:jumpycrow: An American  Bald Eagle  :jumpycrow:

  • Posted 29th November 2020, 7:55 PM
  • By YewArcher

 :bird2: Bald Eagle Symbolism :bird2:

To be continued

  • Posted 29th November 2020, 7:54 PM
  • By YewArcher

To be continued

just joined today

:$message me for more info on myself if you wish to get to know me
pretty new at wicca now but i have accepted it as my religion
i have done 1 spell so far for bettering myself
i love artsy things like rhinestone painting and listening to music
i love to watch youtube
i love sweets

lucid {absynthe}

my 3 year quest to find a bottle of Lucid Absynthe paid off yesterday. a liquor store that drew my attention a month or few ago, i finally had spare cash to walk in there with yesterday. one bottle of top shelf liquor and i nabbed it.
 woody harrelson from zombieland "last twinky in the world" style

Happy ThangsGiving

not a typo, a way for pagans worldwide to celebrate the 4th Thursday, why not every month ♾🗝🗿

it's that time of the year


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Hello all!

Wow this year has went by fast and what of year it has вееи!!! had massive makeover on December 1st, 2019. So that big day is approaching, and so is Yule and Christmas.

Because of my health issues, I will be taking bit time off and work on the background. They are investigating what is wrong with me, and whatever recent findings will affect my life more than having regular visits to the doctors office and to give few vials of blood on  regular intervals.


Hello an Merry meet I have been on a path of self discovery for 12 yrs now when I first started my path to enlightenment. I was then a pagan. I now practice Thelma. An as I've been studying this belief system I came across many interesting therories but the one that's the hardest to achieve I started practicing which is to become awaken. I meditate an do yoga daily an this lead me to different dimensions within the mind an above.

Fortnight of Xmas

The 5 days before and after solstice, the longest nights of the year.

Extended disjointed walkabout

I'm going on mini walkabouts every night. They hardly ever happen during daylight. I'm not getting anywhere weird though.

I need external sources to tell me what landmarks to follow


:penta2: 🕯️"Candle Wax Question"🕯️ :penta2:

  • Posted 22nd November 2020, 12:52 PM
  • By YewArcher

A simple spell working with self divination.

30 tendrils

The mantra for invisible arms
will I chase them like a dogs tail
 am I already

Copyright infringement, Awards, Google Maps API, and Scheduled Soft…


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  • Posted 18th November 2020, 9:25 PM
  • By Malatesa

  • Copyright infringement
I was contacted by a book publisher/printer and was told that some of the e-books that we have in The Slabs are copyrighted and in violation of copyright laws. I deleted about 25 books from The Slabs per request and all backups I keep of those books, including local backups (I use read-write CD's). If someone/anyone believes they have the rights to anything posted on…

A new test is available: Blavatsky. Also a note about Chat


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  • Posted 17th November 2020, 10:07 PM
  • By Malatesa

Here's a new test for ya'll. Here's the link. It's a level 1 test on Blavatsky. There's 2 videos that the test asks you to watch, first, as source material. It's not a hrd test, but it's not easy, either.

eyesopen  mentioned that there is no link to the Chat Room. We've added a link in the menu, under Community. Also, you can go here.

A baker's gross

A gross is a dozen dozen
 A bakers dozen of a bakers dozen seems like a magic squared number.

It's been in my head since I was a kid. I need to start doing something with it

I guess this is the 2nd, maybe 3rd…
  Like 10 or more to go

If you tell someone about it, they need to tell 13 people, reverse curse, I will suffer consequences if yas dont. If you tell someone then you have to make it 13

what happens when you see a black cat on friday the 13th?

  • Posted 14th November 2020, 3:46 PM
  • By jennxapril

Hey i’m new to this and i was wondering, what happens when a black cat crossed your path on friday the 13th? It went from left to right. Thank you

i need advice..please be kind<3

hello there, if you are reading this please help me. I am just getting the hang of being a witch and getting into this stuff.I have lots of knowledge in loa/ law of attraction.
For about a month already almost every night I have been manifesting my ex-lover back into my life.why? because he gave me hope, he was a big positive impact in my life, he made me feel complete and happy I truly loved him and we were so close to seeing each other, he and I just had an amazing connection I was so certain he was my twin flame until he cheated.

card reading?

hello there, I hope you are having an amazing day <3 I was wondering if anyone would be interested in giving me a live tarot card reading.This can be on the Zoom or Google meet.
I'm not sure if this would be a problem but I do not have any money. Sorry, but if anyone would like to then thank you

help for love spell! <3  :$

hello there, I am looking for a safe love spell(Yes i am aware that all spells have some sort of karma ) If this matters this spell would be on a ex lover,
My intentions are pure I just really need help and healing. I do not really have any witchy items since i do not really have any money at all, the closest thing i have are heart chakra incense sticks. If you know any spells I can do with…

Red String Bracelets and other things...


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  • Posted 10th November 2020, 11:11 PM
  • By Malatesa

Pentacle Store purchases have been sent out today. These include Red String Bracelets made by MikeTempe  and Stickers made by Widders – heads up Endymion w0lf-w3nch

Witchcraft Secret Manual Review - Is It Legit?

  • Posted 10th November 2020, 11:10 PM
  • By Agnes

This spell system you are about to discover has been thoroughly tested in practice, so I can promise that it will work for you. It is build on the Ancient Ties.

Questions about Third Eye

Hello there! So I will jump straight into what I'm blogging about. My Third eye …. so lately here I have been trying to open it up completely. I know patience. Which I have some of! I started meditating a lot more to to the 3rd eye chakra. I know it opens in it's own time. But I still love the sounds it has. Well tonight I decided to turn it on while taking a shower. Well I did deeo breaths cleared my mind and I started seeing images.

New To Witch Life!

  • Posted 9th November 2020, 6:37 PM
  • By sarie2323

Hi everyone! I am new to this witch life and was just posting hoping someone could help me and guide me on this. Any good books to read or spell books? As well as how do i become a witch? I came to this idea because I have always been interested but especially recently since i manifested something and it came true. If anyone could reach out to me on snapchat or any other way and guide me through this that would be…

Enter the Void

The space between everything.
  It's under your bed
  In your mind
  Behind your head
and out of time

They don't want you to know
They don't want you to see
 so pretend you don't,      and they won't
Erase your memory

Galleries Fixed


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Issue with the galleries has been now FULLY fixed.

To add images on your own personal folder, open the personal galleries page on the photo and video galleries, and click add image.

To add your own videos, open the videos section and click add video.

Important notice


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we will be doing some major maintenance on the site of November 8th.

Sorry for the inconvenience it might cause!