About me: I have been a Member of the Witches Chat Lineage almost from its original onset - watched it go through many changes, and direction - and am delighted to find it back up, and more productive than ever!!
So here I am again - re-settling into the current format….seeing a few Old faces…learning of the many new..
Would love to be a productive Guide, etc to any that is looking for answers…, help or just a listening ear.

I work within the Occult world of Treasures as a deep Researcher - spending many years unravelling some of the Secrets; discovering hidden gems and so forth…
Not a lover of Books….more of a passion for the Archelogical side that tends to be unknown, and forgotten in the role of Magicke etc…

Born in London, UK - Live both in Lincolnshire UK and New York, US - Travel too and fro between the two..
My main focus, and working energy is as a Eastern Europe Shaman

Trained in the Egyptian Arts whilst studying at Bristal University, and have since spent 2/3rd of my Life as a Egyptian Mystic & Healer- I am known as a Maa-Kheru/Ma'Kheru - 'True of Voice' - "Truth Speaker"..
Spent over 1/2 of my Life as a Teacher of the Traditional Arts, with a deep passion for the Crafting of Mystical Tools, Lotions and Potions. My home in New York has a variety of Spiritual zones….on which is sited a 30 ft wide Stone-Circle with center Fire pit; Herbal section; Copper Pyramid; May-Pole; Spiral; Faerae Garden/s; various Magickal Fauna and Trees that support the Boundaries, and activate Magickal Energies etc. etc

Have a deep passion for Crystals - which is also complimented with a vast collection; that I use in many of my workings..

>As with all things Spiritual there is 'No Right or Wrong Way' there is JUST a Way….the choice made is a big part of our Liberty , Will and Intent…<
Occupation: Occult Researcher & Teacher of the Arts
Location: New York and Lincolnshire UK


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