England - Rough Blue Aragonite..


England - Rough Blue Aragonite..

An amazing Crystal rock - Aragonite, (also called Tchazar Crystal), is a common carbonate mineral basically made up of many sea creatures' shell structures.
In fact most bivalve animals, and Corals secrete Aragonite for their shells, and the creation of Pearls are composed of mostly Aragonite.

I received my chunks from England several years back…have about three left ranging from over a 1lb to mabe 6 oz..in weight…
I carry one certain piece with me at all times in my Shaman bag….

In Spiritual aspects, Aragonite enhances One's patience, and helps One to "maintain" comfortably during conditions requiring the acceptance of an abundance of responsibilities.
When consciously directed, it can help One to achieve a stricter discipline, strengthening reliability, and practicality.   It can provide insight into the basis of a problem on the physical plane along with stimulating communication on the higher planes, and additionally grants an increased ability to clearly express Oneself with compassion and kindness…which aligns with one of its name - 'Conservationist's Stone'.
It also tends to have a stabilizing influence in One's life, increases intuition, psychic abilities, patience and the ability to remain calm during times of high stress and responsibility.
If you are considered to be the kind of person who pushes yourself too hard, (which I am) then Blue Aragonite could help you to ease up and relax….(although at the moment Harmony (Feline) is handling that role with ease - not however allowing me to get on with the completion of projects!! - and when She is not my face - Gyfu promptly takes over!!).

Aragonite comes in MANY colours, and formations…one particular version is revered by the Navajos who obtain their sacred Hadahoniye'Ashkie (mirage stone boy) - or the banded calcareous Aragonite. It is used to make certain types of prayer sticks.

Blue Aragonite, known in some lore as 'Truth Stone' - is also called the 'Singing Stone'…..One just has to experience the Energy to fully understand this lull of the Sea. It has been used to aid sleep - placing under the pillow…it's Watery Siren song will lull One into the depth of the Seas!


9th February 2020, 2:48 AM