Recently obtained two types of Danburite - the larger one is a Pink Ice version that fits snugly into the palm of my hand, and the other is a Grey-Lilac version from Alto Chapare, Bolivia that is sunk in a granite of fine grained gypsum pegmatites matrex material.

These have been hard to get a hold of - they originally are Crystals that are white/colourless, but are included by a rare Amphibole called Magnesioriebeckite, for which this is the type locality.
An interesting historical note about this locality: Supposedly the mineral was first discovered in the tomb of a "cacique" (a native Indian chief) where they had been placed as jewels to signify that he was rich. The find of these crystals was supposed to have been made near there. Sad to say that the story is but a myth - there is NO archaeological references to such a discovery!

The soft Pink hued Danburite (which is known for its distinct, well-formed, and often gemmy crystals) is coated on one side with drusy Quartz, and overlays a quartz matrix formation - like it was poured over and then frozen!

Some versions of Danburite can be found where the Quartz may occasionally form a pseudomorph, completely replacing the Danburite.

Danburite is named after the city of Danbury, Connecticut, where this mineral was first described. It was discovered as a distinct species in 1839 by Charles Shepard, in an undocumented and presumably built-over location within the city.
It is considered to be one of the highest vibration minerals (although that status soon gets removed when the next NEW Crystals appears on the Horizon).

- Danburite “connects the Heart of the mind with the mind of the Heart", and is thus a great stone to use to get back into the flow of your own direction, desires and truth.
It can also help when you can't see the Path to take, when you feel unsure and need a higher perspective so you can make better choices, and is a good stone to have around during times of extreme change, as well as pre-death, where it eases the transition of those leaving the physical human form.


9th February 2020, 2:48 AM