'Blue Vitriol'.....Copper Alchemy


'Blue Vitriol'…..
Not really a Crystal persay - BUT is still a Powerful Crystal substance not to be ignored!!!

Whilst pulling materials together for the use of embellishing the Skull (Bertha) back in 2015 - one of the items was a roll of Copper tubing.

The Egyptians revered Copper - they saw it as 'Triumph of Spirit (Life Force) over Matter', for it has a great affinity for water….another Life Force all to its own.
In fact, its ability to absorb water, and change its form and colour is one of the attributes of Copper, and thus makes it an important chemical of Life.
Copper is so ready to combine and enter into deep transformation with other substances that the Alchemists called the metal 'meretrix metallorum' (“Harlot of the metals”).

This roll of Copper tubing had been stored in a plastic bag - and must have absorbed some chemicals/moisture where it lay - because the bag and tubing had created a Greeny-Blue version of Copper Sulphate in small chunks!!

Copper sulfate is one of the most beautiful, and useful compounds formed by Copper. It was known as “Blue Vitriol” to the Alchemists.
It dries into a white powder when exposed to air, but rapidly returns to its beautiful blue crystals when exposed to water. This is an exception to the normal behaviour of Copper, since the metal rarely shows crystal faces, or forms whole crystals in its salts.
Be they small, the Crystals are there - and I was able to scrape a small pile into a clean bag!!
       I am/was highly excited to say the least, because this compound is an excellent form of Magicke!

Copper is used in Rituals, Spells, and Amulets to promote positive relationships of any kind, fruitful negotiations, and peace, and the metal has always been associated with beauty and harmony in the world.
(Another version similar is that of powdered Copper ore is Malachite)

Planetary - Copper is versed the veiled planet Venus, and represents refinement of the senses, and physically, both Venus and Copper rule the Face.
This is great - as creating a Oil of Copper which contains the Soul of Copper will aid in the communication with the Skull on many levels
(Which it did powerfully, when Bertha was activated in the August of that same year)..

Now, if One adds powdered Zinc to the mix, then you are connecting with Uranus, and One is granted the Divine Flame (electricity, intuition, sudden insights, cosmic consciousness) and the feeling for Cosmic rhythms.

Add the Copper Crystals to powdered Alum, herbs: Alkanet & Saffron, with Blood, and Safflower Oil - during a Moon period, and you have a Magickal liquid of Divination associated to Medea.


9th February 2020, 2:46 AM