Bone Soul Elements of Life


This image expresses the values of Life's Elements.....

The more you view it - further Secrets of it's Mystery unravels.....

* The Depth of the Cosmic Infinity borders the Rules of Light
* Constellations are banded to the Mysteries of the Mind - every atom is connected
* The Iron band about the neck reminds our Spirits that they are 'Slaves' to the living Shroud that contains them...
* The slight hint of Boney fingers on the Left hand, reaching to the Throat, whispers to the Spirit that even in Death - the Silent Voice is alive
* A soft collar of Fur - hints at the Beast within......that stalking Shape-shifter, soothing and caressing, yet Wilde and Free
* The delicate Golden Brooch - symbolic of the Trinity - Power of Three; Serpent of Change - Oroborus; & Threads of Infinity
* Flanking the Brooch - Three Pearls - symbolic of the Moon/s; Hidden Mysteries; Emotional surges, and irritants; in a single action Creation is formed
* Two Tone Shadow Cloak - (like a bed of Desert Moss), symbolic of Survival in the bleakness of Existence....spreading over Foundations....creating mounds, a rolling horizon that lays just over the next Hill of Untouchable Dreams
* Clasped in the Right hand is the Hour Glass.....everything the Spirit wants is restricted by the Living Shroud's application of Time.
(Time is the Control - it exists because the Living Shroud needs to 'Mark' it's moment)
** Delicate Lace - weaves a Web - connecting the Milky Way - attunes to the Cosmic Web
** Vibrant Green Skirt, slightly proturding - the gentle signs of New Life growing, flourishing as it Cycles For Re-Birth

9th February 2020, 2:53 AM