Tribal 'Warrior' Boar Tusk Amulet


As with the others - created between November and December 2019..
This one is HEAVY DUTY - has a Leather Floral embossed center piece (which covers front & back) that is then beaded on the sides; with a adjustable braided thread cord that also has stitched Beads and Bone Beads on either side…
 Like all Tusk products the longer the Tusks are exposed to the Air, the more Golden they become…A Patina of the soft Fawn Browns develope - adding a Magickal Lustre …

The Two Tusks on either side measure 7" in length. The Leather center piece is 2 3/4" long from center & 2 1/4" wide…the TOTAL WIDTH of the top section is 2 1/2"…
Weighs 10.7 ounces


9th February 2020, 4:39 PM