Boar Tusk Quartz Healing Wand


Boar Tusk Quartz Healing Wand. I created Four Boar Tusk Amulets during November 2019, to be ready for Yule, in particular the Norse Festivals.
   Off the four, One became a Healing Wand - the other three as Ritual Neck Tribal Amulets.

The Quartz Wand is a beautiful and powerful Quartz, with a small bridge of Quartz along the point's ridge....
 It is quite a heavy piece......certainly not a 'play toy' - the weight is combined with the Quartz, the Tusk's solid frame, the creation itself is however a fragile piece...

This Tool has a fragile and delicate vitality...that radiates an extraordinary Healing frequency....
Surrounded on one side by three Silk flowers.....and along the top of the shaft, is a small Gold braid setting...

The Tusk total measurement is approx 7" long & 1 1/2" wide at the open end - in which the Quartz Crystal fills the hollow top end, that in itself measuring approx 3" long - of which 1/2 of that length is embedded inside the Tusk with the remaining 1 1/2" exposed.
Total weight of piece is just over 7 ounces


9th February 2020, 3:05 PM