terrance-welch-event-photography-and-videography-23.jpg If you are interested in supporting this site, consider donating your time and your content. We have several databases that we would love to have contributions to, including the Links, Magickal Spells, Magickal Ingredients, Crystals, and Symbols databases.

If you want to help, do it because you believe the work is important. I didn't create Witches.Chat to make money like most of other websites we see out there–I did it because it's important, and earth-based spirituality is needed now more than ever. We don't sell anything here, and we will NEVER EVER monetize this site. If you look around the internet, you will find that Witches Chat is unique in that way. So stop by in the forums and contribute a thing or two. Add some pictures. Create some content that attracts others. While we have it, let's make a difference.