terrance-welch-event-photography-and-videography-23.jpg If you are interested in supporting the continued effort to send out free literature to folks and the costs of running this site, consider donating.

I treat all donations as ANONYMOUS. There are no special levels or or recognition when you donate. If you want to help, do it because you believe the work is important. I didn't create Witches.Chat to make money like a lot of other websites we see out there–I did it because it's important, and earth-based spirituality is needed more now than ever, and because we need to connect with each other. I don't sell anything, and I will NEVER EVER monitize this site.
Donations helps pay for Google and Bing ads (about $200 $300 per month), paper, stamps (about $30 $50 per month), time, and future options to connect one another.
If you are interested in donating to this resource, please email me and I will send you a mailing address. If you already have my mailing address, use a secure envelope (so nobody can see what's inside) and stuff a few bucks in there, put a stamp on it and send it.

Here's what I need::
  • Ink, Epson 220 (all colors)
  • Stamps: Forever Stamps USA