Woman of Great Wisdom Potion

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Spell, Incantation, or Charm's name Woman of Great Wisdom Potion
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Purpose A potion to purify and enlighten ma'lady in order to connect her with her inner wisdom
Warnings No real warnings i'm aware of on this one, but remember that your INTENT is where the magick resides!

Clear spring water

Crystal bottle

Crystals (optional) if they fit into the bottle. Clear quartz, Rose quartz and Black Obsidian

Instructions On nights of Waxing, Waning and Full Moons, fill your crystal bottle with the spring water.
Place the bottle under the moon all night long,
Upon waking and with bathed hands, splash your face with the now charged spring water, and feel yourself more enlightened and purely cleansed: ready to face thy lady's day!
Type of Spell, Incantation, or Charm Protection
Best time to use Esbats (Full Moons)
Experience Level Required All Levels


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