True Love's Spell

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Spell, Incantation, or Charm's name True Love's Spell
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Purpose To draw the attentions (and hopefully the affections) of your true love
Warnings Be careful what you wish for, witches. Just because you've already got someone in mind, doesn't mean that's who the Universe will send!

5 Bay leaves

Instructions On nights of Waxing, Full Moons, Sabbats or St. Valentines Day, pin one bay leaf to each corner of your bed and to your pillow. Let the Earth Mother do her work for you. She'll see to it that your wish is granted, but only on her time schedule, however, you may feel free to do this process as oft as you like on the eves mentioned heretofore.
Type of Spell, Incantation, or Charm Love/Relationship
Best time to use Other (see 'Instructions area')
Experience Level Required All Levels


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