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Spell, Incantation, or Charm's name calpos
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Purpose make you calm and positive
Warnings -handling fire so be careful

handbell, music, candle, bay leaf, lavender, dandelion, gel pen, crystal

Instructions —Prepare
Choose place: Outside bbq area
Cleanse using a handbell
Collect everything you need for your ritual
Warm enough and comfy
Play soothing music
Grounding: preparing energies
Establish connection with your surroundings
Relax, close eyes, imagine cord is straight through your body, straight sitting, 3 deep breaths, return to normal breathing, calm, no negativity

—performing it
On or around the new moon (nov 15 2020
Lite candles
Write your goal on a bay leaf with “I will/am” and think about it while writing it
Close eyes and sit quietly visualizing the goal until your mind wanders; if there’s doubt then stop
Add crushed herbs into cauldron
Use candle to burn bay leaf and put it in the cauldron
Take crystal and move it around the candle and cauldron
Hold crystal and focus on goal
Ask for what you want by saying ‘I thank you for all that I have, I ask you now to help me manifest __, help me as I strive to achieve it, please bring it to me when the time is right so mote it be
Once bay leaf is burned you are done, blow out candle
Keep crystal with you
Type of Spell, Incantation, or Charm Sweetening
Best time to use Esbats (Full Moons)
Experience Level Required Beginner