Global Consciousness Project

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Title Global Consciousness Project
URL Global Consciousness Project Dot
Description This site measures Global Consciousness. How, you ask? So, this is a project started years ago by a popular university that statistically measures randomness in computers. The less random the data, the more likely something significant is happening in the world.

In the world, there are a lot of computers set up all over the world that are running a random number generator. The random number that are output from each of these computers is collected and statistically compared every second. What should happen is that the random numbers generated by all those computers should be random. Meaning, the randomness of the numbers generated should not change their randomness, or at least it's very very unlikely that the randomness would become less random. But sometimes they do! Why? Well, nobody knows for sure, but a lot of scientists have published papers with their theories about the phenomenon. As an example, when the airplanes hit the Twin Towers on 9/11, the random numbers generated were statistically very non-random. Same with other world wide events like the tsunami in Japan. So somehow computers running random number generators are less likely to be random when BIG things happen in the world. This link will take you to the project so you can learn more about the project, and you can even watch the latest results.


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