Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions that are not covered in our FAQ, please post them in an appropriate forum.
Question How do I know if I am a Witch?
Answer If you think you might be a Witch, then you probably are. If you WANT to be a Witch, then you definitely are and you’ve come to the right place to learn about it. Please note that the word “witch” has many meanings for many others and changes with the times. Check out some of our books on witchcraft to learn a little bit more and see what resonates with you! 
Question Will someone perform a spell for me?
Answer Many of us believe it’s best for you to perform your own spell after some careful thought and consideration. You can ask, but don’t be too surprised if you don’t find what you’re looking for. 
Question Can I post links to other sites and libraries?
Answer Of course! We have great library with a lot of books, but even we don't have them all.
Question I have a book that I would like to add to the SLABS.
Answer In order to add books to our collection please mail the PDF file to:
Question Is there age restrictions to this site?
Answer No, there is not.
Question How much do the membership cost?
Answer Nothing. everything is 100% free and optional.
Question Why is some pages restricted for viewing for non-members?
Answer For privacy of the members of the site. It is also more secure.

Membership is always optional and always free.
Question How can I change my username?
Answer To change your username, please send message to RedGreyRaven with your preferred username.
Question I think my account is hacked and I can't access it.
Answer Please send message to immediately if you notice this or check if site admin Malatesa or RedGreyRaven is currently at the integrated chatroom.

You can also send us support tickets.
Question Can I add links to the links sevtion?
Answer Yes, absolutely!
Question Can I use the site to find a lover for myself?
Answer isn't a dating site, nor we encourage this kind of action in our chatroom or forums. If anyone sees this kind of action, we ask to kindly to report it.
Question Do you follow the devil?
Answer Everyone follows whoever they want, we accept everyone here (yes, even Christians and atheists!)

however, we do not encourage to this kind of worship and don't want to be viewed as devil worshippers.