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24th December 2020, 5:28 AM


16th December 2020

The title is pretty much self-explanatory. Enjoy!

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29th December 2020, 1:18 AM

Title Phoenix Rising Online Witchcraft Community! (18+)
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URL Phoenix Rising
Description Welcome to Phoenix Rising!
(An 18+ Community)

Hard times will turn thin skin & soft hearts into a hard shell & stone. A Phoenix turns hard times into growth & rebirth! Rise from the ashes & become the you that you were meant to be… no matter how many times it takes for you to get there. Forever learning, forever growing!

This is an Occult & Witchcraft community, for users over 18 yrs old, with a large focus on learning & growth! We welcome seasoned practitioners as well as beginners as long as you are serious about your practice or serious about learning to practice. We offer 24 resource channels, discussion channels on many topics of witchcraft, lessons, general chats, almost nightly voice chats, & a member base ready to teach you or gain knowledge from you! We aim for an atmosphere suitable for as many varying belief systems as we can by practicing respect as well as practicing witchcraft!

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6th December 2020, 1:43 PM

The start of the Age of Aquarius and the solstice Yule

This is a Wiccan/Pagan Sabbat, but it is also the first day of The Age of Aquarius. This happens at The Great Conjunction, which is when Jupiter and Saturn come together in the heavens in a new element. In this case, The Great Conjunction is leaving the Earth signs and entering the Air signs. Each of these ages last about 200 years. The transition as it impacts our world will not take place over night; it will take years, but we will start seeing it on this day. If you are interested in the massive changes about to take place because of this, do some searches on the internet about it. This is truly one of the most significant dates on the past 200 years.
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16th February 2021, 12:18 PM

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26th December 2020, 12:48 AM


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Christian Witch page, request for information:

Just off the top of my noggin there's Italian Catholic-witchcraft, in which every extended family has an aunt, uncle or Nana who they go to for unhexing the evil eye & no one bats an eye 😉. Its still a practiced custom.

Lighting a candle & saying prayers for intercession of Saints into mundane life is part of modern weekly Mass & is commonly part of Catholic home-altars. I can't see much practical difference between petitioning ancestor spirits and asking a Saint's intercession.  Spiritually a Saint works a miracle & intercedes into the mundane realm by transformation thru faith, and a magician, occultist, sorcerer or witch works a spell to manifest change thru transformation of consciousness; & Love is the Law. The soul aligns with its highest good in conscious, sacred union with The Divine … on a good day when all the pieces click into place😏. It's still a work in progress.

A very pagan St Hubertus (AD656-727) had a vision as a hunter & saw a stag with the illumined cross between its antlers. Hubert was so affected he went on to become a Bishop. When I was researching him I came across references to St Hubert as a hunter of souls & I was reminded of Herne & the "great hunt" for souls of the dead at All Hallows'.

From an observer's point of view I'd say a Mason might exemplify a Christian sorcerer. Gardner's  Wiccan ritual was based on Masonry's little blue book of ritual; lore says it's rituals derived from old Egyptian sources.  The murder & resurrection of Masonry's Hiram - the "widow's son" - is like other Pagan & Christian resurrection themes (Inanna, Osiris, Odin, Jesus). Often Hermetic, Pagan & Christian mysteries are similar.

A Christian accepts that The Christ took their sins upon Himself and, having thus awakened, they henceforth choose to live by spiritual values. A witch is someone who uses natural magic & their God given psychic abilities to fill needs & to commune with Nature. A Christian Witch is a Christian who does magic & likewise communes & might also use Psalm Magic. IMO anyone can use magical principles. All cultures in history practice magic; some people use it in religion. If ya think about it the votive rack is candle magic in church.

A Christian Witch might pray to The Father/Mother God and petition intercession of Angels & Saints through prayer-as-offerings. You can Google popular prayers honoring Archangels, Guardian Angels & Patron Saints. You don't need to plug and play Saints as deities although some pagan deities were canonized. Go figure.
. Color use:  🟡🟢sustains, 🔴🟠stimulates, 🔵🟣 relaxes conditions
. Scent use: 🌸🍓sweet/peace, 🍊🍋citrusy/purify, 🌳🌲forest/prosperity, 🌶🧄spicy/protection
. A Folk Magic Circle wouldn't summon but just 🧹sweep 🔄 or sprinkle Holy Water to cleanse; light incense; draw power on the breath-focus-push👉🏼💫 to cast circle ↩️
. Candles are chosen for burn-time: tapers @1-hr/inch, tea-lights 2-4 hrs, votives 10-15 hrs, & 5-7 day vigil
. A 🕯candle would be cleansed with a sprinkle of holy💦water; anointed with💧oil; 👏🏽charged with prayer or an incantation; set in its holder & lit. Sigil & petition📝papers can be placed under candles, & 💎crystals can be added around the holder.
. You could use Moon-water to make DIY Holy Water. Bless salt & water separately in the Names of the Father/Mother, Son and Holy Spirit, imbue with the power to dispel harmful forces. Add 3 pinches salt to 1/4 cup water. Likewise bless light olive oil and add 1 pinch of blessed salt to 1-Tbsp oil. Add scents if wanted.


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