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I've created a bunch of little tiny booklets with the poem The Charge of the Goddess written inside. If you've ever wanted to memorize an awesome Wiccan poem, this is an easy way to start. These little booklets are so small that they can fit into any wallet or purse. They are free. If you want one, email me your shipping/mailing address, and I'll send you one.

The first in a series of newsletters is available for mailing out. It's a 3-page collection of general news, spells, and other information. Really it's a warmup to other (better) newsletters that I'll create, publish, and mail out for free in the future. If you'd like one, email me your shipping/mailing address and I'll send you one.


Witches Chat is an open community website focused on wellness, sustainability, equality, integrity, responsibility, and spiritual enlightenment. Witches Chat is not a commercial endeavor, and we do not seek to advertise, monetize, or profit from its members like other sites do, nor do we exalt others based on social status, artificial certificates, or titles. We are founded on the spiritual principals found in constructive forms of Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism, and we welcome other healthy paths. Our virtual doors are open to those looking for an online home for the purposes of learning and sharing together.


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