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You can create your own Test/Quiz if you want to. You can create fun tests or silly tests or serious tests. So far there's only 3 test/quizzes on the site, but we need more. Want to shake things up a bit? Create a test/quiz for everyone! It's pretty simple to do. Here's a link that lets you create a test/quiz. Take a look at the example test/quiz and edit it to your own questions and possible answers. Here's a list of ideas to create a quiz from…if you know about these things, maybe you'll create a quiz that will be used by thousands of people!

Joan of Arc (Sorry, I just LOVE her and think it would be cool to have a test about her)
Aliester Crowley (Duh! Everyone should know at least a little bit about Crowley)
A Book of Shadows (A Test/Quiz about a personal BOS would be helpful because it could encourage folks to start one)
What Witches Wear (Witches don't wear anything different than anyone else, mostly, but it would be fun to make a Test/Quiz that talked about Witchy Fashion)
Trump or Biden (Why not? It COULD be hilarious and fun to make a Test/Quiz about either one of them)
Tarot Level 3 (I created a Test/Quiz for levels 1 and 2 for Tarot, but someone could take it a step further and create a Level 3 Tarot Test/Quiz)
Runes (There's quite a lot of history in Runes and Divination using them…why not create a Test/Lesson/Quiz about Runes?)
Gems and Rocks (Many have magickal properties! How about a Test/Quiz about Crystals?)

You get the idea. You can make a Test/Quiz about anything. It's actually easy to do. Again, this link will take you to an example Test/Quiz to let you create your own.

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