Using the Cauldron to Hold Spells


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Ye Olde Cauldron
These are some ideas for using one of the witch's signature tools. 5"-8" diameter is a good size.

Use as a fire-safe pot to hold fire for outdoor rituals
Use to hold Water in the West, loose Earth at N, Fire at S, or Incense at E for an altar
Use to hold food/drink offerings on the altar or during ritual
Use for scrying, filled with water & catching the full Moon's reflection
Use to make Lunar Elixer - aka moonlight charged water with a quartz crystal
Use to brew potions right on the stove
Use to bake bread (Pillsbury In-a-tube rolls are easy, grease well & adjust to size of pot)
Use as a container for charging tools, potions and spells
Use for transformative fire magic, as a fire-safe container for small burning tasks on the altar
Use as a fire-safe candle container to allow candle spells to finish their burn
Use as a center piece filled with pine cones & needles, oak leaves & acorns, flowers in season
Use to melt snow for a Winter Solstice rite or to hold spring water at Summer Solstice
Use to hold the coal & loose powdered incense; put sand in bottom to absorb heat (pot gets hot)
Use as a mortar & a hefty spoon as pestle

Use to build & hold a complete spell assembled just like "cooking":
1. Dress the pot inside with olive oil for victory, or an "intention" oil
2. Add the densest materials of the spell ingredients such as stones, woods, barks, grains
  . Add the lightest materials of the spell ingredients such as leaves, flowers, powders
  . Add the "flavoring" such as a paper sigil, paper petition, photo, tag-locks
3. Set your intention and put the lid on (use a plate if there's no lid)
4. Repeat thrice: "Earth, Air, Water, Fire; work you now to my desire."
5. Wrap your Witch's Measure cord around the outside of the pot to "simmer".
6. Serve when ready: remove nonflammables & burn the flammable remainder in the pot.
7. Scatter ashes to each of the 4-winds & say: " And may it harm none. So now it is done."
8. Wash & recycle reusable items.
9. Rinse a cast iron pot with hot water but no soap & dry it thoroughly; if you won't be using the pot & store it away for a few weeks, cover it with a thin coat of vege oil to prevent rust.

Treating Cast Iron Pots to Prevent Rust
. Preheat oven to 350' (medium)
. Thinly coat inside and out with Crisco oil or solid
. Place pot upside down on a baking sheet and put it in the oven
. Turn up heat to 450' (high) & bake for 20 min.
. Turn off heat. Let the oven cool an hour before opening, then let it cool to room temperature before removing the still warm-to-touch pot
. The pot may feel tacky until it's fully cooled; if it remains tacky just reheat as-is at 450' as above

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