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How-to & book

Christian Witch Candle Magic
The Magical Use of Candles in the Christian Home (2005; 145 pages)
By Agostino Taumaturgo

Table of Contents

1. Candles
. A Christian’s life in candles
. At the votive rack

2. The role of color in candle magic
. Biological reactions to visible spectrum
. Psychological reactions to the visible spectrum
. Magical applications …

Red & pink - love, strength, vitality, planet Mars, note C on the musical scale
Orange - healing, stimulation, encouragement, Mercury, D
Yellow - joy, confidence, the Sun, E
Green - hope, fertility, growth, money, Venus, F
Blue - devotion, meditation, peace, BV Mary, Jupiter, G
Indigo & black - depression, binding, death, absorbs negativity, Saturn, A
Violet - spiritual power, astral plane, mourning, the Moon, B
White - purity, protection, divine intervention - -

3. Working with the Saints
. The praying church
. Is this a Catholic thing?
. The Church triumphant
. Offerings to the Saints - 💐bouquet of flowers, incense, prayer honoring Saint
. Making contact with the Saints - meditate & introduce yourself
. List of commonly invoked Saints
. Prayers in honor of Saints

4. Candles, relics, medals, talismans
. Candles as a sacramental
. Types of candles - taper, tea light, votive, 5-7 day, cross, fe/male figures, 💀
. Relics and medals - of Saints
. Talismans, amulets & seals - sigils

5. Magic and the Rosary*
. Some magical uses
. Magical purposes & the Mysteries
. The proper use of the rosary
. Rosary novenas

*substitute your own prayer beads or use a rosary

6. Practical candle operations - includes various small rituals for a variety of uses, ex.,
. Love - St Raphael, pink candle
. Money, job - St Joseph, green candle
. Health - St Raphael, St Anne, orange candle
. Protection - St Michael, Guardian Angel, St Benedict, St Patrick; white candle
. Faith, fortitude - St Dyphna, violet candle

The method generally used is to select the appropriate Saint and obtain a taper, tea light or 7-day candle in the associated color, and a holy card* of the Saint & a similar medal; set these on your altar; Anoint the candle with an oil, lite an incense, lite the candle & pray for intercession using one of the book’s prayers. Bless the holy card, the medal & yourself with holy water.  Thank the Saint for their help; Carry the holy card (in your wallet or pocket) & wear the medal.
*DIY: print an image of the Saint and medal & cover them with clear packing tape for durability

Suggested Altar set up includes 2 white altar lights, a cross & spell materials

🕯 .  .  .  .  .  ✝️  .  .  .  .  . 🕯
🎇 .🕯. 🥇
📿  .  .  .📖  .  .  .🪔
7. It’s over already?
. Reading your candles - tells just 2 effects of your spell
A tall, strong flame - lots of energy, little opposition, outlook is good
A weak flame - little energy, obstacles need to be overcome, spell may flop

. Incense
. Disposing of your materials - biodegradables can be buried or tipped into a river; otherwise wrapped & put in the trash

Appendix A Prayers to the Saints - includes 78 prayers
. In honor of… Our Lord
. The Holy Family
. Mary
. Joseph
. The Angels
. The Saints

Appendix B - uses of oils & incenses

Blessing - acacia, angelica, carnation, frankincense, jasmine, lavender, lily o/t valley, lotus
Banishing - cedar, sage, sweet grass, frankincense and myrrh, rosemary
Creativity - honeysuckle, lilac, lotus, rose, cherry, savory
Energy/power - allspice, bay, cinnamon, frankincense, lotus, musk, thyme, dragons blood
Good luck - cedar, mint, violet, nutmeg, bay berry, cinnamon, jasmine
Healing - carnation, cinnamon, clove, lavender, lotus, myrrh, rose
Inspiration - acacia, clove, laurel, lily o/t valley
Love - apple blossom, civit, gardenia, honeysuckle, jasmine, musk, rose
Meditation- angelica, frankincense and myrrh
Protection - angelica, bay, dragons blood, frankincense and myrrh, lily o/t valley
Psychic development - frankincense, sandalwood
Willpower - cinnamon, dragons blood, st johnswort



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