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My Introduction


Merry meet everyone! You may call me by my magick name, Midnyte Moonsong or my nickname Twist. I have been on my path for over 10 years now and have come to follow the ways of Grey witchcraft. Therefore, through my learning I came to be a hedgewitch. As such I am solitary by nature, though I will do magick with close friends if needed. All in all, my path is one of my own. Carefully cultivated through the years to work with multiple pagan sects, divinations, and magickal practices, as well as a wide variety of spirits, guides, totems, and patrons.

Yes you may call me a cluster F*** if you want. LOL I know I am. My whole path feels like organized chaos but that’s how I like it. I believe you don’t have to stay with one sect only but rather blossom outward and reach from many corners and ways of life. I am happy to be here and eager to meet you all.


🔮Basic Witchy Information🔮
• Magick Name: Midnyte Moonsong
• Pronouns: They/Them
• Witch Type: Hedgewitch
• Craft Type: Solitary
• Magick Type: Grey
• Element: Air


🔮The Pagan Sects I Follow🔮
• Deborean: A combination of Celtic Paganism and the Native American way.

• Asatru: A polytheistic religion which believes in the ancient Germanic spirits & gods.

• Kemetism: The contemporary revival of the Ancient Egyptian Religion in Neopaganism.

• Buddhism: A path of practice and spiritual development leading to personal enlightenment.

• Shamanism:  A practice of reaching altered states of consciousness to interact with the spirit world as well as the beings that reside there in order to educate and heal. 

• Spiritualism: The belief in spirits of all kinds and the ability to interact with them.

• Draconic: The belief in dragons, their partnership and their magick used within a personal craft.

• Kitchen Witchery: A practice that involves craft around the home and hearth.

• Druidism: a modern spiritual movement that promotes harmony, connection, and reverence for nature and the natural world.


🔮Dragon Guides & Guardian🔮
(these will remain unnamed out of respect. Instead I will describe their type)

• Guardian: White Storm Dragon
• Guide: Black Chaos Dragon
• Guide: Grey Chaos Dragon
• Guide: White Storm Dragon (Adolescent)

🔮Patrons & Deities🔮
Main Patrons
• Loki
• Artio
• Hecate
• Bastet

Other Deity I Work With
• Set
• Ganesha
• Horus (son)
• Dionysus
• Hermaphroditus

🔮Totems & Animal Guides🔮
Life Totems
• Wolf
• Raven
• Snake
• Bat
• Bear
• Panther
• Dolphin
• Whale
• Butterfly

Other Animal Guides I Work With
• Spiders
• Moths
• Bees
• Owls


Divinity Works
• Rune Stones
• Tarot
• Medicine Cards
• Pendulum
• Fire Scrying
• Osteomancy
• Apantomancy
• Astragalomancy 

Magick Practices
• Shadow Work
• Moon Magick
• Sun Magick 
• Mirror Magick
• Energy Work
• Elemental Magick
• Meditation
• Astral Travel
• Crystal Magick
• Chakra Work
• Animal Magick
• Dragon Magick
• Bone Magick
• Feather Magick
• Plant Magick
• Tree Magick
• Sigil Magick
• Astral Magick
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